Pregnant Luisa Zissman Is Terrified Of Getting Postnatal Depression Again

TV legend Luisa Zissman announced that she was pregnant with her second child earlier this year, and the star is already eight months along and almost ready to pop.

However, despite admitting that this pregnancy has been relatively easy Lu has admitted that she’s terrified of being diagnosed with postnatal depression again.

Luisa has been open about struggling with the condition when she gave birth to her daughter Dixie back in 2010, and has been left troubled by the impact it had on her bonding with her daughter as a newborn.

She explained: “Postnatal depression is still a worry. I read somewhere that just because you’ve suffered with it once, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have it twice so I’m hoping I don’t go through it again.”

Speaking abut the illness, the 29-year-old added: “While everyone else was bonding with their child, I wanted to walk out the door and never come back. I felt so ashamed.

"Being stuck at home with a screaming baby is very scary. You feel so lost, helpless and lonely. I wanted to roll over and die. It’s such a deep low.”

However, Luisa went on to tell Closer magazine that she couldn’t be more excited to give birth, sharing: “I’m thrilled to be pregnant again. It’s been a really easy pregnancy so far, I’ve been so lucky.

"I haven’t had any sickness or weird cravings, but I’m getting a bit restless and just want to give birth now!”

We’re excited for Luisa too, and with just one month to go it shouldn’t be too long before we all get to meet her bundle of joy!