Pregnant mum worries baby name is 'stupid' – but people say it's 'practical'

Pregnant woman looking upset
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The quest for the perfect baby name can be a tricky dilemma.

Parents-to-be can find themselves wading through an ocean of potential names throughout the pregnancy, seeking that ideal tag for their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

Whether they're hunting for something unique or a name steeped in tradition, it's hardly a walk in the park to just pluck the right name from the ether.

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One expectant mother has confessed that the hunt for her daughter's name has left her feeling "stupid". She's adamant that her child's name should begin with 'M', but the more she deliberates, the more uncertain she becomes.

Taking to Reddit, the pregnant woman shared that she possesses family jewellery monogrammed with the letter 'M', which feels disconnected from her as her own name doesn't start with 'M'.

To ensure the heirlooms remain meaningful within the family and get their due use, she's leaning towards an 'M' name for her daughter. Yet, she's apprehensive that choosing a name based on jewellery might be "stupid" and sought the brutal honesty of social media users.

Her post read: "Is giving our daughter an M name because she is set to inherit family jewellery pieces with the monogram M stupid? Please be brutally honest!"

She added: "My due date is next week, and she will be our first and our last. Neither of us has M as an initial, and our surname starts with S. I have family jewellery pieces with the monogram M that never felt mine because I don't have M as any of my initials. I want things to be different for my daughter."

"We have always wanted to call her Mia but give her a more formal legal name, initially we leaned towards Amelia, then we started looking for other names that could have Mia as a nickname and most of them were M names, so we focused on M names. Does this feel stupid to you? ".

The mum continued by sharing that she and her husband are considering names like Marina, Matilde, and Miriam, and sought further suggestions from the community. Respondents to her query reassured her that her approach wasn't "stupid" at all, with many commending her for her thoughtful planning.

One commenter expressed their admiration, saying: "This is exactly the type of practical planning I admire. My mum jokes that her best decision was marrying my dad because he had the same last initial as her first husband, so she didn't have to change her monograms."

Another chimed in with support, adding: "It would only be weird if you guys didn't like M names but used one anyways just for the monogram. Choosing a name you love and gravitating towards M names because of the monogrammed jewellery is perfectly reasonable. Marina and Miriam are two of my favourite names! ".