Pregnant Woman Evacuated From Disney Cruise Ship

A pregnant woman was medevaced by helicopter from the Disney Fantasy cruise ship on Monday, April 15, after she experienced health complications while the ship was in transit, the US Coast Guard said.

Footage released by US Coast Guard Sector San Juan shows the evacuation of the 35-year-old US citizen from on board the cruise ship.

The coast guard said the ship was 180 miles northwest of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, when the rescue was carried out.

A Jayhawk helicopter and Ocean Sentry aircraft were deployed from Coast Guard Air Station Miami, the coast guard said.

A rescue swimmer was then deployed from the Jayhawk onto the cruise ship and was able to prepare the patient for evacuation.

The patient was taken to the Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport in San Juan and from there to a local hospital.

Her condition following the rescue was not reported. Credit: US Coast Guard Sector San Juan via Storyful

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