Premier League could fast-track new FFP rules as Liverpool awaits verdict on Man City charges

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Manchester City is yet to learn its fate over 115 FFP charges -Credit:(Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images)

Premier League clubs could still face points deductions for breaching financial regulations, despite new rules likely to be introduced. Everton was docked points for the second time this season earlier this week, taking the overall tally to eight, and edged closer to the relegation zone.

Nottingham Forest has also been hit with a four-point penalty this term for breaching FFP rules. Liverpool and a host of other clubs is watching Manchester City's case intently, with the Premier League champions having 115 charges having over them.

The rush to make sure clubs are punished in the same season means that both Everton and Nottingham Forest will finish this season with asterisks by their names for points deductions, while Leicester City could be promoted back to the Premier League and begin next season with a deduction.

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New regulations have been discussed, with a potential move to a UEFA-style squad cost ratio system, where player and manager wages, amortization charges, severance and intermediary costs are calculated against revenue to give a percentage.

UEFA wants that percentage to be 70 per cent by next year for clubs in its competitions. In the Premier League, there has been the suggestion of a similar percentage for clubs in Europe, but as much as 85 per cent for other clubs who fall outside of that.

As per Sky Sports, the Premier League insists that sporting sanctions through points deductions remaining the only real deterrent for clubs breaching rules. Members of the 20 top-flight clubs met on Wednesday with the main agenda being how to find new appropriate financial controls.

The shareholders meeting was supposed to make headway on a deal with the EFL regarding wealth redistribution from the Premier League. However, half of the member clubs didn't want to vote until they knew the level of financial controls the Premier League would impose. This means new spending rules are likely to be fast-tracked and dominate the agenda before potentially being introduced at the start of next season.

Any new regulation will likely favor the biggest clubs due to their substantial revenues, despite also having the largest wage bills and highest amortized costs. However, for clubs aiming to narrow the gap and compete, it could potentially facilitate their efforts. says: Everton and Nottingham Forest have been hit hard this season for breaching FFP rules. While a punishment is necessary, it does seem harsh given the fact that the Manchester City case is still lingering. The new rules would help Liverpool next season but the clubs at the other end of the table face more struggles.

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