Premier League Darts 2024 final LIVE! Littler beats Humphries with nine-darter

Premier League Darts 2024 final LIVE! Littler beats Humphries with nine-darter

Premier League Darts final LIVE!

Luke Littler won the 2024 Premier League Darts title at the first attempt.

The teenage debutant beat Luke Humphries in Thursday’s final at the O2 Arena, hitting a nine-darter en route to an 11-7 win.

In the semi-finals, Littler cruised past Michael Smith 10-5 before Michael van Gerwen’s defence of his Premier League title ended against Humphries by the same scoreline.

Littler had already topped the Premier League Darts table to earn top seed for finals night in London.

Premier League Darts final updates

  • Nine-darter helps Luke Littler to title

  • Premier League Darts 2024 prize money

  • Luke Littler beats Michael Smith 10-5 in first semi-final

  • Luke Humphries wins his semi vs Michael van Gerwen

Watch back Luke Littler's nine-darter

22:07 , Marc Mayo

Premier League Darts history - only the second player to do it in the final after Phil Taylor!

Back to Luke Littler

21:56 , Marc Mayo

“I’ve been practising really hard, I was dead focused, I didn’t want to blink.

“I’m a major winner now, but I go to New York next week then a week off in Orlando.

“I can’t wait to play in them all, I’ve done so well on the Euro Tour and Pro Tour.

“We’ll meet in many finals. Now it’s 1-1.”

Luke Humphries gives his take on the final

21:55 , Marc Mayo

“I was trying to stick in there, there was a massive breeze and it’s so hard to deal with.

“Credit to Luke, he managed it all night so well. I stick in there and the breeze stopped, he played so much better.

“We’re the two greatest players in the world and I love playing him. I know a lose a lot but I love it.

“He deserved to be champion from the season as a whole.

“It’s been a learning curve for both of us, we did well, I’m really proud to make the final. But this is darts, you can’t win everything. Six out of seven major finals.

“I’m proud of him, I hope he enjoys himself.”

Reaction from Luke Littler

21:53 , Marc Mayo

“One thing I just wanna say, for all the doubters... hello! I’ve just picked up this. You’re not doubting me anymore!

“It’s so good to win in front of my family, girlfriend and manager. I don’t know what to do!

“[The nine darter] is another record. I’d just come off the break, I needed the toilet and thought this is it. Let’s do it.

“We love a break, play our darts and come back on.”

The trophy is handed over

21:50 , Marc Mayo

Luke Littler is cool as a cucumber as he collects the trophy, with a cheeky smile at the mention of his prize money.

It’s a few humble claps for the fans, nothing extravagant from this youngster taking it all in his stride.

Luke Littler wins the 2024 Premier League Darts

21:47 , Marc Mayo

Luke Littler emotional as he embraces Luke Humphries, then he’s straight off stage to embrace his parents.

The 17-year-old has won his biggest title yet! He’s only been on the scene for a few months mind, but wow.

This feels like the culmination of a magnificent rise but we all know this is just the start.


21:46 , Marc Mayo

Littler 11-7 Humphries

‘Cool Hand’ has the throw and builds an early lead in the leg. He needs each of the next four without fail.

Littler bites back with 180 to build some pressure.

Humphries on 81, it has to go. But he can’t land a treble and here comes Littler on 40!

Tops for the title... HE DOES IT IN ONE!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:44 , Marc Mayo

Littler 10-7 Humphries

Time is really running out for Humphries to break his rival and Littler again starts with a 180!

He sets up a 98 finish with 171, leaving Humphries back on 145.

Humphries will get a chance at it... and he misses tops to clean up!

Littler needs just one to punish him.

First to 11, remember.

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:42 , Marc Mayo

Littler 9-7 Humphries

The O2 Arena is walking through a Littler wonderland as they belt out his name.

Humphries is doing better though and cleans out 134 with tops, tops!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:41 , Marc Mayo

Littler 9-6 Humphries

Humphries simply has to break Littler but a 180 start from ‘The Nuke’ makes that near impossible!

Littler steps up to 94 and sees it off on double-10, his favourite.

The teenager is two legs away!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:40 , Marc Mayo

Littler 8-6 Humphries

Vital 180 from Humphries gets the world champion off to a good start in a vital leg.

If he doesn’t hold throw, it could be curtains and another gesture about the wind greets a poor visit.

A 76 finish more or less has to go - and he checks out.

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:39 , Marc Mayo

Littler 8-5 Humphries

Littler has come out the traps since the break at lightspeed.

Two 180s in a row leave him on 42, which he seals on double-10 for a 12-dart leg!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:37 , Marc Mayo

Littler 7-5 Humphries

The roof blew off after that and Humphries could only clap and embrace his opponent. Wow.

Littler needs 167 to break throw and has bullseye to finish it... just wide!

Humphries lets 118 slip and ‘The Nuke’ bags double-10 to build a lead...

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:35 , Marc Mayo

Littler 6-5 Humphries

After an imperfect first half of the final from both players, whoever arrives better from the break could well decide the fate of the Premier League trophy.

Two 180s in a row send Littler en route to a nine-darter, with Humphries making it four darts in.


 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:32 , Marc Mayo

Littler 5-5 Humphries

A big leg this, before the break. Humphries has the throw and recovers from a poor start with a 140.

A 171 leaves 132 and he’s well ahead as he comes within an inch of a bullseye finish.

One shot at double-8 is all he needs and the finalists depart the stage all square!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:29 , Marc Mayo

Littler 5-4 Humphries

Another 180 from Littler in this war of attrition.

Neither player will feel like they’re in top gear here, but Littler cruises up to his fifth leg on tops.

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:28 , Marc Mayo

Littler 4-4 Humphries

A 138 checkout is opened up for Littler to break throw and he leaves just 20.

No bother for Humphries, he checks out 116 to level up again!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:26 , Marc Mayo

Littler 4-3 Humphries

Another Littler dart hits the deck. It just underlines the tetchy start to this final, although the tension is eased with a 180 from ‘The Nuke’.

Humphries is clearly unhappy with some kind of draft swinging his darts left and right.

He’s way back on 186 as Littler cleans up double-10 without issues.

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:25 , Marc Mayo

Littler 3-3 Humphries

Humphries lines up 108 with six darts to play with after a torrid visit of 39 from Littler.

He comes back on 52 to get 20 and double-16 without hesitation.

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:23 , Marc Mayo

Littler 3-2 Humphries

Wipe the first four legs off the scoreboard, it’s effectively first to nine now.

A 180 gets Littler going and he’s well ahead of his opponent with 84 to check out. Double-6 does the job!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:22 , Marc Mayo

Littler 2-2 Humphries

Humphries has the throw now in a bid to level up.

Looks like he’s gesturing about potential wind across the oche, and Littler leaves 80 to break back the throw.

Two goes at double-10 miss and he busts!

Nothing doing for Humphries on 126 and Littler misses another pair at double-10...

Humphries snatches tops to squeeze a vital leg.

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:19 , Marc Mayo

Littler 2-1 Humphries

A 180 to settle the nerves of ‘Cool Hand’.

He has plenty of cushion on 58 and mops up in two!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:18 , Marc Mayo

Littler 2-0 Humphries

The crowd belts out ‘If You Love The Darts, Stand Up’ as Humphries bangs in the first 180 of the final.

Humphries makes a mess of 76 but Littler cannot punish him on 124.

Tops passes Humphries by and he hits double-15 to BUST!

Littler breaks throw with double-5. Wow.

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:16 , Marc Mayo

Littler 1-0 Humphries

It’s a race to 11 legs and league table winner Littler has the darts.

The last three years have seen the player who topped the table fail to win the play-offs.

Humphries sees a dart bounce out the board before Littler’s next also bounces out!

A break of throw passes the world champion by before Littler sneaks his last dart into double-10!

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:14 , Marc Mayo

Luke Humphries playing to the crowd to build the atmosphere and ramp up the volume to Kaiser Chiefs.

‘Cool Hand’ endearing himself to the locals while Luke Littler throws some final practice darts.

It will be ‘The Nuke’ to throw first...

Premier League Darts final | Luke Littler vs Luke Humphries

21:12 , Marc Mayo

A few boos for Luke Humphries as he begins his walk to the oche, but ‘I Predict A Riot’ gets a good airing from the London crowd.

Time for the final!

21:09 , Marc Mayo

You sense that was a bit of a bigger break than planned between the games, such was the speed of both semi-finals!

Still, plenty of time for the 14,000-strong crowd to nip to the bar and they’re in good voice for the players’ walk to the oche.

First up is Luke Littler!

How the stats compare

21:00 , Marc Mayo

Practically nothing to compare these two over the course of the Premier League season so far.

Luke Littler averaging 99.25 to Luke Humphries’ 100.55.

On 180s, Littler has the edge 118 to 112. On doubles, Littler is at 39 per cent to 42 per cent from the world champion.

Humphries has been better at converting 100-plus scores into 140-plus scores, otherwise it’s very tight.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Premier League Darts final odds

20:56 , Marc Mayo

Luke Humphries - 8/11

Luke Littler - 11/10

Odds via Betfred, subject to change

Littler vs Humphries up next

20:49 , Marc Mayo

It’s a rematch of the World Championship final, which Humphries won seven sets to four.

That historic clash saw them both check out 170 with Humphries averaging 103 to Littler’s 101.

Another affair of that quality will be an absolute cracker.

Luke Humphries wins!

20:43 , Marc Mayo

Not the slickest of legs from Humphries and Van Gerwen can’t see off a big finish.

But he scuffs up 72 and lets MVG have a go at 63.

He misses double-16, which the world champion hits to win the semi-final!

The reigning Premier League Darts champion is OUT!

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:41 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 9-5 Van Gerwen

Not many fireworks from ‘Cool Hand’ since the break and he needs a little bit more ruthlessness to kill this tie off.

Both have ton-plus checkouts first up and 125 is sealed with tops for Humphries!

One away and he has the throw...

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:39 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 8-5 Van Gerwen

A timely 180 keeps MVG in the hunt before 145 means he has six darts at 81 to go within three legs.

He gets double-12 at the second attempt and we might just have a game on our hands.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:38 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 8-4 Van Gerwen

Van Gerwen needs 105 to hold throw and he takes it with tops.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:36 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 8-3 Van Gerwen

An inauspicious return to the oche for MVG and Humphries leaves 60 to keep his foot to the floor.

Both goes at tops are way high however.

Back-to-back trebles leave double-10 for Van Gerwen but he misses and the world champion makes him pay...

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:34 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 7-3 Van Gerwen

A 155 finish is the sort of magic Van Gerwen needs right here but he doesn’t come close.

This 60 has to go and does at the first attempt.

The two players head off for the break with this semi-final looking like a done deal!

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:29 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 7-2 Van Gerwen

Ruthless stuff from the reigning world champion, he has six darts to clear 161 and sets up a two-dart finish with MVG waiting for a bit of luck.

He doesn’t get it! Six legs on the spin for Humphries.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:29 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 6-2 Van Gerwen

Just like the earlier semi-final, this one is only heading one way with Humphries enjoying three darts at tops... and needing only one.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:25 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 5-2 Van Gerwen

MVG averaging in the 95s, some 13 points below his rival.

Humphries has the throw but Van Gerwen’s first 180 ups the pressure.

The Dutchman comes close to breaking back but his chances are slipping by as Humphries cleans up again!

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:23 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 4-2 Van Gerwen

Another 180 gets ‘Cool Hand’ within range of a third successive leg.

He’ll set up on 56 and takes it with one dart at tops.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:22 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 3-2 Van Gerwen

Each player has averaged over 100 per leg, bar Van Gerwen in the first.

Bull escapes Humphries this time after he hits two triple-20s chasing 170! He makes short work of 25 to continue on the front foot.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:20 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 2-2 Van Gerwen

All about the breaks here and Humphries takes out 132 in immaculate fashion!

Bull, bull, double-16!

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:19 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 1-2 Van Gerwen

Humphries missed his break chance and now MVG has 103 to push back with his own... and he takes it!

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:17 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 1-1 Van Gerwen

Second leg, second 180 for Humphries and 132 proves too much for Van Gerwen.

Two shots at double-12 to break throw pass Humphries by before Van Gerwen checks out to level up.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:16 , Marc Mayo

Humphries 1-0 Van Gerwen

‘Cool Hand’ drops in the first 180 with his second visit to leave 26, with MVG back on 204.

Double-13 is sealed at the second attempt.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:13 , Marc Mayo

Kaiser Chiefs on the tannoy for Leeds fan Humphries and he’ll have the throw to get us going.

Once again, first to ten legs is the aim of the game to set up a final showdown with Luke Littler.

Premier League Darts | Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

20:11 , Marc Mayo

Time for the second semi-final!

The seven-time Premier League Darts champion Michael van Gerwen faces the world champion Luke Humphries.

First up for his walk to the oche is MVG, a lot of love in London for the Dutchman as ‘Seven Nation Army’ belts out.

Luke Littler scorecard

20:05 , Marc Mayo

Neither player had the doubles percentage they’d like but Luke Littler averaged over 100 and pulled out the meatier checkouts to win with ease.

Luke Littler reacts

19:57 , Marc Mayo

“All of it was very good, five treble-less visits isn’t bad. I knew I had the darts so I wanted a lead into the break which is what I did.

“I’m glad I took my chances.

“Just enjoy it, the build-up’s been amazing. Came here a few hours ago, I’ve been practising. It’s paid off and I’ll see who I’ve got in the final.

“They’re both playing well, it should be another good game.”

Luke Littler wins!

19:55 , Marc Mayo

Littler leaves a 170 to try and go out in style.

It’s not been an ultra dazzling display but he lands the first treble-20... and not the second.

His next visit can seal the deal. He hits bullseye when he wanted only 25 - but then checks out anyway to win 10-5!

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:53 , Marc Mayo

Littler 9-5 Smith

Smith looks good to keep this game going with a 180 on his second visit.

Ample time in hand, he chalks off 46 to win the leg. Just five more in a row needed...

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:52 , Marc Mayo

Littler 9-4 Smith

A fourth 180 of the match for Littler makes it 118 in the 2024 tournament overall.

He then checks out 42 to go within a leg of the final!

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:51 , Marc Mayo

Littler 8-4 Smith

A huge leg for Smith to show that this game is not done and dusted.

Neither fly out the traps yet Smith comes within a dart of clearing 120.

Littler steps up on 107 and snatches the advantage back!

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:49 , Marc Mayo

Littler 7-4 Smith

Both men return to the oche after that comfort break, which in theory came at the halfway stage.

Littler could finish this off in mere minutes, though.

A 180 asserts his authority on his own throw, we’re up to five for th match now.

A 170 finish proves too much and he returns to deal with 77, but misses two at double-10!

Smith grabs tops to win against the throw.

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:46 , Marc Mayo

Littler 7-3 Smith

Smith’s average is dropped to 92 with Littler comfortably in triple figures.

Against the throw, he narrowly misses out a 130 finish before Smith lets him back to the oche.

Two at double-10 aren’t enough but Smith’s awful night continues with another bad visit!

It’s a case of here we go again, though... Littler can’t deal with double-5 and Smith finally gets it done at the third attempt.

Time for a little break.

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:41 , Marc Mayo

Littler 7-2 Smith

Neither player in blistering form through this leg following the last’s calamities.

Smith can’t check out 63 though and one shot at tops is enough for Littler.

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:40 , Marc Mayo

Littler 6-2 Smith

‘The Nuke’ takes control of the eighth leg as he eyes a break of throw.

He just misses treble-19 to set up a good finish but Smith lets a tough 146 slip.

Littler comes back but misses double-14 twice! Smith then can’t land bull and Littler fluffs double-14 then double-7...

We then continue as double-10 proves too much for Smith.

Littler is then BUST on double-1 and Smith misses three at double-5.

Goodness me!

Littler puts us out of our misery on double-2.

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:37 , Marc Mayo

Littler 5-2 Smith

A few grimaces from Smith underline how he risks being blown away here.

A 108 checkout will win against the throw but he can’t land on the treble to set it up. No such issues for Littler as he hits double-20 first time!

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:35 , Marc Mayo

Littler 4-2 Smith

Smith has only managed to get as far as one shot at a double and the pair trade 180s, this match is really rocking along at serious pace.

A 105 goes begging for ‘Bully Boy’ but he’ll come back on 8. Seen off first dart.

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:33 , Marc Mayo

Littler 4-1 Smith

Smith averaging over 100 but up against it already, Littler banging them in at almost 120 early doors.

Another six darts to mop up and he sees off 92 in three.

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:32 , Marc Mayo

Littler 3-1 Smith

Littler on a nine-darter after a 174 opener, and he bags a 180 to keep it running...

He gets triple-20 and then his eighth dart slips too low!

Nonetheless a great chance to win a leg against the throw. Double tops fails him, double-10 doesn’t.

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:31 , Marc Mayo

Littler 2-1 Smith

Smith lands the first 180 of the night but Littler immediately shuts the door with a 144 finish!

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:30 , Marc Mayo

Littler 1-1 Smith

Smith has the throw and a 134 sets up 67, which he’ll have a go at with Littler holding a 60 finish.

One dart at tops... he makes it count.

Premier League Darts semi-final

19:29 , Marc Mayo

Luke Littler and Michael Smith face off in a first-to-ten legs semi-final.

‘Only one Luke Littler’ rings around the arena.

First throws coming up!

Premier League Darts | Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

19:28 , Marc Mayo

Littler 1-0 Smith

Slow start from both men but Littler lines up a 167, which he’ll get six darts to finish.

He needs five and cleans up double-ten first go!

Here we go!

19:23 , Marc Mayo

Time for the semi-finals to get underway.

Luke Littler is first to walk up to the O2 Arena stage, followed by Michael Smith.

A great reception the 14,000 fans inside the venue - the most we’ve had for a Premier League Finals Night.

How much prize money does the winner earn?

19:22 , Marc Mayo

The 2024 Premier League Darts has a prize money pot of £1million split between the contenders.

Those eliminated are due between £60,000 and £75,000 with the losing semi-finalists taking home £85,000 each.

The runner-up will secure £125,000 with £250,000 for the winner tonight.

A further £10,000 of prize money has already been dished out to each nightly winner.

Luke Littler exclusive interview: I can't wait to take my family to Disney

19:16 , Marc Mayo

A wild six month for Luke Littler could be capped tonight with his biggest darting prize.

Our reporter, Matt Majendie, sat down with the 17-year-old to discuss his rise and what his big hopes are.

With a hefty packet of prize money in his pocket, he can’t wait for a no-expense spared trip to Disney World!

Read the full interview!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Get ready for more of this

19:12 , Marc Mayo

Luke Littler produced a magical 120 checkout last week in his quarter-final - three double-20s in a row.

It would be harsh to call the teenager a showboater but how he delivers these unorthodox finishes with reckless abandon (and pulls them off!) is something to behold.

Don’t rule out more of the same tonight.

Luke Humphires happy to stay in background

19:06 , Marc Mayo

Being a little bit less famous than his peers is no concern for Luke Humphries.

The world champion is open about not having the pull of Luke Littler or Michael van Gerwen - but he doesn’t care.

“It's not about me, it's about darts,” he told AD.

“I'm world champion, but that doesn't mean everyone has to talk about me.

“Of course everybody talks about Van Gerwen: he's a three-time world champion. Of course everybody talks about Littler: he's the most famous dart player in the world.

“Media think I care that it's not about me, but I want darts to get attention, and it succeeds.”


Premier League Darts final | Countdown

19:00 , Marc Mayo

The final preparations are underway as we await the start of the 2024 Premier League Darts finals night.

The first match is expected in around half an hour’s time...

Michael van Gerwen reveals darts switch reason

18:55 , Marc Mayo

Eyebrows were raised at Michael van Gerwen’s recent decision to switch his darts - but it’s paying off so far.

He told De Telegraaf: “I change sets every two or three months, but I have them made by Winmau and the technicians in such a way that it looks like they are worn out.

“I once started on 26 grams, then I was on 23 grams and those wore off so badly that I was on 21.5 grams.

“I continued to throw with that, but the draft in those big halls often played tricks on me and other players. A heavier arrow is a touch more stable, so I make fewer mistakes.”

Who will have the throw in the semi-finals?

18:48 , Marc Mayo

Luke Littler will have a major advantage on Michael Smith by leading off in tonight’s first semi-final.

It’s first to ten legs and Littler has the throw for the start of the match, thanks to his status as top seed.

Luke Humphries also has that honour over Michael van Gerwen in the other semi.

Michael Smith dismisses Luke Littler concerns

18:37 , Marc Mayo

‘Bully Boy’ Michael Smith has told darts players to get on with trying to beat Luke Littler - or get rich trying.

The teenage sensation has brought new attention to the game and Smith says his rapid elevation is not something to complain about.

“There's a few getting upset with it but listen, my pockets get full every time he gets mentioned,” he told Sky Sports.

“I think they are getting annoyed. I had it last year, Littler is getting it all now. I don't think they are happy that he's getting everything. I'm not bothered.

“The players at 70 in the world shouldn't be bothered because this young kid at the minute is one of the best players in the world. The people at 70, 80, 90 all they should think about is that their money is going to keep going up and up and up.

“The more this kid is playing, we get better sponsors, hopefully Eddie [Hearn] puts the prize money up again, £1,000 to £1,500 on the ProTour.

“My money is just going to keep going up because some kid is doing it for me. I'm not annoyed and the other players shouldn't either. The kid is doing nothing wrong. People are annoyed that he got in and I can say there's a couple of the boys in the top 16 who are annoyed. But he is going to pocket us so much money.”

Who's won the most Premier League Darts titles?

18:28 , Marc Mayo

Michael van Gerwen is the competition’s record-holder with seven titles, which he’ll look to add to later on tonight.

Phil Taylor follows with six. In fact, the duo were the only players to top the league table in the competition’s first 15 seasons!

However, not all of those regular-season triumphs turned into trophy lifts on finals night.

The last three league leaders, Gerwyn Price, Jonny Clayton and Van Gerwen (in 2021) all failed to seal the deal in the play-offs.

Luke Littler, beware!

 (Jacob King/PA Wire)
(Jacob King/PA Wire)

Tonight's venue

18:16 , Marc Mayo

The O2 Arena in London is expected to be packed to the rafters for tonight’s finals.

This will be the seventh time the 20,000-seater has hosted the play-offs with five of the previous six won by Michael van Gerwen!

Premier League Darts final odds

18:06 , Marc Mayo

Luke Humphries - 6/4

Luke Littler - 7/4

Michael van Gerwen - 7/2

Michael Smith - 9/2

BetMGM odds correct at time of sending but subject to change, visit here.

How the regular season ended

17:55 , Marc Mayo

Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price and Rob Cross were all well off the pace when it came to securing a play-off spot, although Cross did enjoy a resurgence of form in the latter weeks.

Nathan Aspinall’s quarter-final defeat to Michael Smith in Sheffield deprived him of a crack at finals night and ‘Bully Boy’ took fourth place with 25 points and two nightly wins.

Michael van Gerwen secured four nightly wins but his penchant for early exits meant he only landed third place.

It went to the wire between Luke Littler and Luke Humphries, who each won four nights, but Littler’s overall consistency saw him edge first place 40 points to 36.

Check out the full table here!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Order of play

17:45 , Marc Mayo

Semi-final: Luke Littler vs Michael Smith

Semi-final: Luke Humphries vs Michael van Gerwen

Final: Luke Littler or Michael Smith vs Luke Humphries or Michael van Gerwen

How to watch

17:38 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: In the UK, the Premier League Darts Finals Night will be televised live on Sky Sports, across both the Main Event and Mix channels. Coverage will begin at 7pm GMT.

Live stream: Subscribers can also catch the contest live online via the Sky Go app.

Premier League Darts final LIVE!

17:29 , Marc Mayo

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of the Premier League Darts final!

We have a fascinating evening of play-offs coming up with Luke Littler and Michael Smith facing off in the first semi-final, before Michael van Gerwen takes on Luke Humphries.

The first game is expected to get underway at 7.30pm BST at London’s O2 Arena.

Join us for all the build-up, latest updates and reaction...