Premiership plastic pitch ban back ON as clubs set for fresh vote with two compromises

Premiership clubs are set for a fresh vote on banning plastic pitches - which could see them removed from the top flight altogether by 2026.

An initial vote was tabled for April on removing synthetic turfs but it was called off amid concerns from lower league clubs who rely on them. In last season's top flight, Kilmarnock and Livingston had astroturf pitches which had been widely criticised - but the standard of Dundee's infamous grass pitch offers the counterpoint.

It was reported then that clubs planned to find a compromise and it seems that has now been reached. A statement from the SPFL reveals plans for a new resolution which clubs will vote on and, if passed, Premiership clubs will require grass pitches from 2026/27. There are also plans in place to improve the standard of grass pitches. The vote requires nine of the 12 clubs to vote it through.

The statement read: "Clubs in the cinch Premiership have today brought forward a resolution seeking to phase out the use of artificial pitches in the SPFL top flight.

"The SPFL will now issue the resolution to all cinch Premiership clubs, and the outcome of that vote will be announced in due course. The resolution requires nine votes in favour to be passed.

"The SPFL Board has confirmed at a meeting today that if the resolution is approved, it will grant a two-year period to allow clubs with an artificial pitch to plan accordingly, with artificial pitches not permitted in the top division from season 2026/27. This period of grace is in line with recommendations of the SPFL Competitions Working Group, which represents member clubs across the SPFL.

"Separately, the SPFL Board has approved plans for a Premiership-wide project to work with a leading pitch consultancy firm, which is regularly used by UEFA, to improve the standards of grass pitches in the cinch Premiership."