Premium Bonds 'chaos' as dad can't work out whose funds have been returned

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A frustrated father has blasted NS&I after an investment for his children was returned without any clear indication of whom it belonged to.

The irate dad reached out to the Premium Bonds provider, stating: "My parents have tried to open two accounts for our children. At this point, several weeks in, one amount of investment has been returned, we have no idea which child this relates to, or why."

"We're also not sure whether the other application has been accepted. Chaos." He detailed his futile attempts to resolve the matter via the helpline: "I'm currently on the phone to your team, armed only with letter references, and it seems they can't be sure what is going on either."

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"Their best suggestion has been to reapply - but for which child? And why should I believe this won't happen again?" An NS&I representative promptly replied, advising: "This can be cleared up for you by calling our secure phone line on 08085 007 007."

"One of our advisors will be able to assist you with this, one of the responsible parents named on the application will need to call for this to be looked into."

However, the man reported that the phone calls were proving unhelpful: "I've spent the last hour on the phone with one of your advisers. They're singularly lacking in 'advice'. As you don't provide any sort of application reference, or even name the children when sending letters out relating to their application, it's very difficult to work this out."

An NS&I customer recently reached out to the savings provider due to issues with their mobile application, stating: "Your app hasn't been working for several days. Just throws an error saying something went wrong and to try again. I was already logged into the app so I removed and reinstalled and now I get the same error at the first screen before entering any details."

In response, NSandI offered an apology and advised: "We're sorry to hear you're having trouble using our app. If this is a constant error you're receiving after reinstalling the app, we'd suggest that you please call us and ask to speak to an agent to raise this for further investigation."

"You can call us free within the UK on 08085 007 007. We're open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday."