Presenter threatens 'serious action' against Putin defender 'if I catch you listening to my show again'

Nick Ferrari 'banned' a caller over his views on Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. (LBC/Getty Images)
Nick Ferrari 'banned' a caller over his views on Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. (LBC/Getty Images)

A radio presenter has “banned” a Vladimir Putin and Russia defender from listening to his show in an extraordinary outburst.

LBC’s Nick Ferrari said he would take “serious action” against the caller “if I ever catch you listening again”.

It came on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

According to the United Nations, at least 8,000 civilians have been killed with 13,300 injured, though the actual number is likely to be far higher.

More than 10 million people have been forced to leave their homes.

The caller, named Chris, told Ferrari there is a “US/NATO narrative… without any proper historical context” about Russia’s invasion.

NATO has backed Ukraine in the defence of their country ever since the invasion began, which has infuriated Russia.

Ferrari told the caller: “Why don’t you just look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself… why you would reach for the phone to call LBC and start saying Putin is being in some way, shape or form, unfairly treated? He’s a brutal dictator who picked a war that’s he going to lose and his troops behave in an almost subhuman way.

“You are banned from listening to this show. I’m glad you’re laughing, you can listen to all the other shows. If I ever catch you listening again I will take serious action because I am sick and tired to my bloody back teeth of people trying to pretend that this is anything but an attack on the Ukraine people… listen to the rest of the station, don’t ever listen to me.”

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Ferrari did not specify what his “serious action” against the caller would entail.

His opinion-driven show, and that of fellow morning presenter James O’Brien, is known for ill-tempered back and forths with callers. It’s a format that has succeeded, with figures released last year showing both shows have about 1.3 million listeners.