Pret a Manger to close most Veggie Pret sites in London

Pret A Manger will be closing most of its Veggie Pret sites (Pret A Manger)
Pret A Manger will be closing most of its Veggie Pret sites (Pret A Manger)

Pret A Manger is closing most of its vegetarian shops, with two Veggie Pret shops in London expected to remain open.

Opening its first exclusively vegetarian shop with a Soho pop-up in 2016, Pret is now expected to shut 75 per cent of Veggie Pret sites, as reported by The Telegraph.

Four Veggie Pret shops have closed in recent months, while the Canary Wharf location has been rebranded as a regular Pret.

Only the Veggie Pret locations in Soho and Shoreditch will remain open, where Pret will develop vegetarian and vegan options that may later be rolled out to regular restaurants.

Pret A Manger is reportedly closing the vegetarian sites due to the increased number of veggie and vegan options available at their regular shops.

The sandwich shop chain also intends to expand its range of plant-based options.

A spokesman told The Telegraph: “Over half of our menu is vegetarian or vegan, with meat-free and vegan options accounting for one in three of our main meals sales.

“Our focus now is to keep growing our extensive vegetarian and vegan offer in every Pret shop, so we’ve decided to convert or close some of our current Veggie Prets.”

Current vegan and veggie menu items include the meatless meatball wrap and the vegan chilli enchilada, while some locations offer vegan pastries like croissants and cookies.

At Christmas, Pret launched the festive falafel and squash sandwich, and a vegan beet wellington baguette.

Pret had initially planned to convert Eat stores into Veggie Pret stores but the plans were scrapped due to the pandemic.

There are currently more than 300 Pret A Manger locations in London, plus shops in cities across the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Brighton.

Pret also has one shop in Dublin, and plans to expand further into Ireland, and Northern Ireland.