The pretty Essex beach people often turn their noses up to that’s actually stunning

Sand and sea
-Credit: (Image: Essex Live)

With an abundance of beauty spots and pretty seaside locations, why would locals want to spend their precious leisure time in an area once dubbed the most deprived area in England? This was in 2019 and could have been the best thing to have happened for the modest Essex seaside town.

Love it or not, Jaywick is now firmly on the map. Its reputation was thrust into the limelight and got people talking. People love to discover little known or hidden gems, often in unsuspecting areas. And Jaywick may just fulfil that appetite.

Some people may not like to admit it but the town has a beach that would rival many others in Essex. The pristine sands and gorgeous swimming bays is Jaywick's best kept secret.

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The seaside town was first listed as the most deprived area in England on the Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2010 and 2015 list. but over the years EssexLive has been on a mission to restore Jaywick's reputation. And there has been plenty to say, particularly about Jaywick Beach.

Our reporter Holly Hume has visited there in recent times. She writes: "I had never been to the beach there myself so decided to go for a wander - and I'm so glad I did. Whereas the beaches at Clacton and Walton are often crowded and right next to amusements, this beach is accompanied only by the sound of the waves lapping at the sand. After a short hop over the dunes, which are filled with tufts of marram grass, I got onto the shore and found I was almost the only one there - aside from a dog walker.

"There are several rock groins which form a number of sandy bays and provide endless fun for climbing on. These coves look perfect for some sea swimming, with the rocks providing shelter from waves and the current. There is so much space on the beach and I can't imagine it is ever full, though the caravan park at the end of the village does fill up in the summer, according to the locals I spoke to.

"From walking a dog along the shoreline or hunting for shells, to having a BBQ in the dunes or paddle in the sea, this beach is perfect. I spotted only one bottle in the sand and I was expecting to see a fair amount of rubbish, so was pleasantly surprised. I was amazed I'd never been before and would definitely go back. This has to be one of north Essex's hidden gems."

What is good about Jaywick Beach?

  • The beach runs along the length of the village

  • Easily accessible with car parks nearby

  • Quieter than the more popular beaches in Essex

  • Spacious, with large open sands

  • Close to Clacton-on-Sea

  • A narrow, walled promenade, popular with dog walkers to the rear of the beach

  • This stretch of the coastline features a number of Martello towers. These small round forts that were built during the 19th century to defend against attack from across the English Channel

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