Primark's new £10 alternative to Stanley cup saves you £35 and comes in multiple designs

Primark shoppers are rushing to get their hands on it
Primark shoppers are rushing to get their hands on it -Credit:MEN

Primark has released a new version that's strikingly similar to the viral Stanley cup, featuring a stunning design that's perfect for spring. The Stanley cup has gained significant popularity over the years, with consumers eager to purchase the trendy water bottle in every available colour.

Despite its high price tag, the product's rave reviews have spread rapidly on social media, prompting some retailers to produce more affordable replicas.

Earlier this year, Primark introduced a replica of Stanley's iconic Quencher H2.0 Flowstate bottle. However, fans were disappointed to discover that these off-brand cups were only half the size of the original.

Now, the cups are back on Primark shelves, and they're bigger and better than before.

A TikTok video shared by @primarkmeadowhall, an account representing the Primark store in Meadowhall, Sheffield, revealed that the new Stanley cup alternatives are now available in-store. Not only has Primark increased the size of its cups to match the 40oz (1.18L) capacity of the actual Stanley product, but the new design also features a beautiful colour, reports the Mirror.

While the original versions were simply single colours, this new one boasts a beautiful baby pink hue adorned with a metallic leopard print design that is perfect for the spring weather. Meadowhall's Primark branch confirms these cups are priced solely £10 - although prices could vary between stores.

The leopard print cup isn't currently listed on the Primark website, but an £8 Stanley cup version is available in a variety of colours splendidly including purple, light grey, and aqua. The cup listing on the website merely states "one size" so it remains unclarified whether this refers to the previous 20oz bottle or the new 40oz version.

Made from stainless steel, it features a large carry handle and curved straw for convenience, as well as a lid for added security to help prevent spills.

However, consumers appear eager to procure the new and improved cups, with commenters on the retailer's TikTok video rapidly expressing their desire to purchase "immediately". One individual penned: "I need this," while another tagged a friend in a comment provocatively instructing: "Get me one immediately! ".

Stanley cups have caused a sensation around the world recently. Those willing to splurge on the genuine article will find the iconic 40oz cup on the official Stanley website priced at £44.99, stocked in a selection of colours which include cream, black, lilac, and shale.