Prince Harry and Meghan face backlash over 'prestigious' school plans for their children in Montecito

Harry and Meghan
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Harry and Meghan have been in the spotlight after it emerged that the couple is considering sending their children to a 'prestigious' private school.

A Royal author disclosed that this plan might pose a significant drawback. The ex-Royal couple, who live in the celebrity-studded Southern California luxury enclave of Montecito, was labelled as 'frauds' when annual fees of £40,000 for the school surfaced.

Lee Cohen a commentator on Royal matters, berated the couple for their supposed intentions, saying: "Their supposed commitment to progressive causes is nothing but a facade. If they're willing to indulge in this epitome of elitism, there is no advocating for equality."

At the time, speaking to GB News, Cohen questioned how Meghan and Harry could "justify" their private school plans amidst families struggling to afford even basic needs, stating: "Sending their children to such a prestigious institution completely exposes the frauds that Harry and Meghan are. By perpetuating the very systems of privilege that they claim to expose."

After this escalated educational uproar, eminent Royal author and expert Tom Quinn unveiled to the Mirror that the education plans for Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet may come with a major downside.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Harry and Meghan left Royal life behind in 2020 -Credit:Getty Images

Quinn stated: "Harry and Meghan have more than enough money to afford the best schools in California and for all Meghan's desire to be seen to be helping the poor and the marginalised, she has no intention of providing anything less than the best money can buy for her children."

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He went on to say: "For the children of celebrities across America, elite schools are the norm and there is no doubt a private education brings huge advantages as it does in the UK, in terms of connections with other well-heeled and well-connected children."

However, Quinn also pointed out a significant downside: "The disadvantage as we have seen with so many children of celebrities is that it can create expectations for adult life that are not easily achieved just because your parents are famous doesn't mean you are going to be famous, but dealing with that can be difficult."

Prince Harry attended prestigious institutions, including Ludgrove preparatory school in Ludgrove, Wokingham, before following his older brother Prince William to Eton College in Berkshire.

Meghan was educated at the LA-based private Catholic school, Immaculate Heart High School, after her father won the lottery in 1990, enabling him to cover the nearly £13,000-a-year fees.

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