Prince Harry slams tourists as he issues public plea to save 'heart' of travel

Prince Harry made a surprise appearance at the annual general meeting of travel industry body Travalyst as he lashed out at tourists in a video call.

The Duke of Sussex launched the initiative in 2019 with the hopes of making the travel industry more sustainable.

Speaking via video call from his Montecito mansion, which he shares with wife Meghan Markle and their two kids, the 39-year-old prince called for action to save the "beating heart" of the travel industry while also asking tourists to look after the environments they visit.

He warned that it was crucial that the industry did better by the local communities in popular travel destinations or they risk there being no tourism business at all, the Express reports.

Harry said: "Travel and tourism relies on destinations, held together by communities, without which we have nowhere to travel to.

Prince Harry has demanded to see action to save the "beating heart" of the travel industry -Credit: Travalyst
Prince Harry has demanded to see action to save the "beating heart" of the travel industry -Credit: Travalyst

"Communities are the beating heart of travel, and we must do better by the people who are the custodians of the places we visit."

It comes after concerns were made about whether the duke's association with the non-profit organisation would continue after Travalyst announced it had entered an "incredibly exciting" era last year, with no mention of him.

However, his surprise appearance today has rubbished the rumours that they have parted ways.

Harry launched Travalyst in 2019 with Meghan when they were both still working members of the Royal Family.

For the next three years, he was the public face of the initiative, which aims to help travellers to cut their carbon emissions as well as prevent over-tourism and develop local economies.

Like his father, King Charles and elder brother, Prince William, Harry is a prominent eco-campaigner but has been previously branded a hypocrite for his work with Travalyst due to his tendency for taking gas guzzling private jets.

The duke defended the criticism as he argued that he only did so when he needed to ensure his family's safety.

He continued on to say that "no one is perfect" and that what is important is "what we do to balance" our negative effects.

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