Prince Harry's Spare: The celebrities who are for and against the royal rebel

The book has caused a lot of controversy, but who is supporting the star, and who's speaking out against him?

Prince Harry: His supporters and detractors include Jennie Bond and Piers Morgan - but on which side? (Getty/ITV/TalkTV)
Prince Harry: His supporters and detractors include Jennie Bond and Piers Morgan - but on which side? (Getty/ITV/TalkTV)

Prince Harry's bombshell memoir Spare has only been released two days, and has already been dissected within an inch of its life – with many famous faces sharing support for and against the Duke of Sussex.

The autobiography is not short of revelations, from his life within the army fighting the Taliban to the intricate workings of feuds with his father King Charles and heir to the throne Prince William, Prince Harry has spoken out in an unprecedented move from a member of the Royal Family.

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The discussion has sparked a massive debate around the prince's right to share his story, and the right to privacy the Royal Family have.

Here are who has spoken out for and against the prince, and what he's said in the book.

Celebrities supporting Prince Harry

James Haskell

Britain's Prince Harry (L) talks with England rugby player James Haskell (R) as he attends the England rugby team open training session at Twickenham Stadium on February 16, 2018. 
The event at Twickenham Stadium saw thousands of supporters from clubs and schools filling the stands to watch the England senior squad in a training session. This included young people who have benefited from Try for Change, an England Rugby programme which aims to use rugby to improve the lives of disadvantaged people in England and across the world. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / Heathcliff O'Malley        (Photo credit should read HEATHCLIFF O'MALLEY/AFP via Getty Images)
Prince Harry with England rugby player James Haskell in 2018. (AFP via Getty Images)

Former rugby player and I'm A Celeb star Haskell, 37, joined his father-in-law Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain to discuss the release of the book and to defend Prince Harry.

"For someone like him, there are so many conflicting narratives," Haskell said. "I think you've got to put a tentpole in the ground, you've got to turn around and say listen, all the furore, here is my truth. This is undeniably what I believe.

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"Even his mother, the interview towards the end of her life, so many people questioned what she'd said...when Diana was alive, everyone wanted to have a go, as soon as she sadly passed away, everyone was best of friends.

"He's put it out there, now he can move on because it's undeniable what he's said. People can make interpretations, he can say, 'no, no - look back at the book. That's what happened, that's what I believe."

Jennie Bond

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond (WireImage)
Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond (WireImage)

In light of the revelations that came from the book, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond has said she feels sympathy for Prince Harry.

"I do have some sympathy with Harry, particularly, I think he calls his father emotionally stunted, something like that," she said in a Talk TV interview.

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"And to think of this little boy being told that his mother had been killed in a car crash and Charles, according to Harry, patted him on the knee, did not wrap him in his arms and hug him."

"There are parts like that which I have a great deal of sympathy with," she added.

Denise Welch

Denise Welch poses for photographers upon arrival at the World premiere of 'The Crown' season 3, in central London, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019.(Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)
Denise Welch (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

Loose Women star Denise Welch got in a fiery altercation on the show with co-star Jane Moore, who has been outspoken against Prince Harry.

In an exchange over the book on 6 January, Welch said: "Why shouldn’t Harry say his peace, Jane? I think he’s had to move away from his family, they’ve done it behind his back."

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As Moore responded things got heated, with Welch later adding: "I don’t see anything wrong in him getting his wife out of this country. When they said they wanted privacy, they wanted privacy from other peoples’ narrative, not from their own story. This is the only way they’ve got to tell it. I’m Team Harry and Meghan.”

Celebrities who are against Prince Harry

Piers Morgan

Perhaps the least surprising name on the list, Piers Morgan slated the book and Prince Harry's decision to publish it.

"Just finished reading Spare (me…) - it’s even more salacious in its deeply intrusive revelations about the Royal Family than you can possibly imagine," he tweeted.

"Prince Privacy’s sold them all down the river for a gazillion pieces of treacherous silver. A truly staggering betrayal."

He later dedicated his show to dissecting the book on his Talk TV show.

"The claims he's made this week have detonated a bomb, and this weapons-grade hypocrite has done nothing more than reduce his own reputation to rubble, and after torching what's left of the bridges back to his family," Morgan scathed.

"He now begins a new personal journey, so we're told. One that ends with ridicule, and irrelevance."

Morgan was criticised for the exposure of intimate conversations and text messages within the book, as well as the risk of security to both his family and that of the Royal Family.

Sharon Osbourne

During an appearance on TalkTV, Osbourne said the release of Spare, as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary, was "juvenile".

"It's all just craziness going around and around and he's turned his life, and the Royal Family's life into a soap opera. It's a really bad, distasteful soap opera," she told Piers Morgan on Talk TV.

Dan Wootton

Dan Wootton on Lorraine (ITV)
Dan Wootton on Lorraine (ITV)

The GB News presenter hit back at Prince Harry for insulting him in his new book saying it is the duke who is the 'sad little man'.

Wootton said: "I don’t care, Harry can say what he wants about me.... It’s very clear to me who the “sad little man” in this sorry saga is. It's the one who has trashed almost every blood relative in the most vicious fashion, simply because they tried to save him from himself."

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He later called the prince a "really unpleasant creature" and accused him of being "out of touch with the public".

Wootton called Spare "the biggest mistake in publishing history" and said it had "destroyed the reputation of the Duke of Delusion forever more."

Jane Moore

Jane Moore (Getty)
Jane Moore (Getty)

Jane Moore has been another outspoken correspondent against Prince Harry, with the previously mentioned clash with Loose Women co-star Welch just the tip of the iceberg.

The presenter said during the 6 January head-to-head with Welch that Harry was releasing the book 'to make money', and later on in her column in The Sun compared him to Tom Hanks' character in film Big.

"A 6ft 1in man child with a global audience for his petty, perceived slights and 'woe is me' narrative," she wrote.

"Take away the beard and he’s just a whining tweenie who views everything solely through the prism of himself."

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