Prince Harry 'in tears' as he was 'furious' over King's 'cruel' Frogmore Cottage eviction

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were under the impression that Frogmore Cottage would always be available to them, according to a royal expert who has branded the duke as "out of touch".

The couple received the property as a wedding gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II but they were evicted by King Charles last March after their departure from the Royal Family.

Royal author Tom Quinn suggests that Prince Harry would have been deeply affected by his father's decision, the Mirror reports.

In an interview with The Mirror, he said: "Harry and Meghan imagined Frogmore would always be there for them even if they came back to the UK for just a few weeks each year and even if they were no longer working royals.

Quinn added: "That assumption speaks volumes about just how out of touch with each other King Charles and his son had become.

A general view of the exterior of Frogmore Cottage as people lay floral tributes to Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh who died at age 99, nearby on April 10, 2021 in Windsor, United Kingdom.
Harry and Meghan were forced to give up Frogmore Cottage last year, making them homeless in the UK -Credit:Getty Images

"Recently, Harry made a significant change in his life by switching his residential status from the UK to the US. This change was retroactively applied to June 29, 2023 - the date when Harry and Meghan officially left Frogmore Cottage.

"According to Quinn, this date holds significance for Harry and indicates how deeply he was impacted by the King's decision to evict the Sussexes."

The expert pointed out: "At the time, few people realised what a slap in the face the eviction from Frogmore felt like for Harry it was the last straw.

"Harry was absolutely furious and in tears about being evicted from Frogmore he felt his father had no right to do it and that it was purely vindictive.

"Harry couldn't see that choosing to stop being a working Royal would inevitably mean being deprived of his Royal residence.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping The Colour 2018 on June 9, 2018 in London, England. The annual ceremony involving over 1400 guardsmen and cavalry, is believed to have first been performed during the reign of King Charles II. The parade marks the official birthday of the Sovereign, even though the Queen's actual birthday is on April 21st.
The King officially evicted them from the property last June -Credit:Getty Images

"Harry took it as a cruel rejection, a painful reminder of all that he felt when his father fought with his mother during their long drawn out, painful divorce."

He continued: "Whenever Charles puts his foot down, it seems unfair to Harry who feels that after everything that has happened to him, he should always get whatever he wants whether that be security paid for by the British taxpayer or a luxurious UK home. "

Tom concluded: "For many Harry is just a poor little rich kid behaving like a spoiled brat, but Harry sees himself as the eternal victim".

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