Princess Beatrice gives update on mum Sarah Ferguson's cancer battle in rare TV appearance

Princess Beatrice on This Morning today
Princess Beatrice on This Morning today -Credit:ITV

Princess Beatrice made an unexpected appearance on This Morning, where she provided a rare update on her mother's cancer battle.

The 35 year old Royal joined hosts Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle via video link from the top of the Empire State Building in New York for her first ever live TV interview.

She is currently in the US supporting the Outward Bound Trust, a cause dear to her late grandfather Prince Philip, reports the Mirror.

While there, Beatrice is also backing a group of young people planning to abseil down the iconic NYC skyscraper.

During the interview, the presenters took the chance to inquire about Fergie's health, who underwent surgery for breast cancer last year before being diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

Beatrice reassured them: "She's doing really well, thank you Josie. She had a bumpy health scare last year but she's all clear now. But I think at 64, she's thriving, she's been through so much, but now she's coming into her own. We are just reminded when any parent or individual has a health scenario, you really need to get the checks that you need to get as early as you possibly can.

Beatrice joined the show via videolink from New York
Beatrice joined the show via videolink from New York -Credit:ITV

"And both my sister and I are so proud of her for taking those steps to get those checks."

The hosts then alluded to the other Royal Family health scares, with King Charles and the Princess of Wales also receiving cancer diagnoses this year and now undergoing treatment saying it had been tough going.

Beatrice responded: "I know. There's nothing more important than family."

Beatrice also shared her thoughts on her mum Fergie's surprising turn as a guest presenter on This Morning last year.

Fergie, alongside Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary, surprised viewers when she gave callers relationship advice including tips on wearing "saucy underwear" to reignite romance.

When asked if she had seen her mum's stint, Beatrice admitted with a laugh that she had indeed watched it, adding: "I thought it was one of the most hilarious segments I've seen for a while. I watched it half from behind the sofa and have like 'come on mum, you can do it!"

-Credit:Getty Images Europe
-Credit:Getty Images Europe

In response to Josie's request to deliver their affection and regards to Fergie, Beatrice readily agreed, saying: "Of course I will send my mum your best. When I'm back in the UK, maybe we can do something together."

Fergie, 64, got the all clear in March signalling that her malignant melanoma skin cancer hadn't spread; a relief after battling breast cancer, which required a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, just last year.

In March, Sarah Ferguson conveyed her deep respect for Princess Kate, acknowledging the challenging journey ahead after Kate's diagnosis.

The Duchess of York took to social media to share her support: "All my thoughts and prayers are with the Princess of Wales as she starts her treatment. I know she will be surrounded by the love of her family and everyone is praying for the best outcome."

Sarah, who has recently faced her own health struggles, added: "As someone who has faced their own battles with cancer in recent months, I am full of admiration for the way she has spoken publicly about her diagnosis and know it will do a tremendous amount of good to raise awareness. I hope she will now be given the time, space and privacy to heal."

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