Princess Charlotte is not 'looking forward' to upcoming school event - and it's left Prince William crossing his fingers

 Princess Charlotte.
Princess Charlotte.

Prince William has revealed the upcoming school event that's left his daughter Princess Charlotte nervous, saying she's not ‘looking forward’ to the next few weeks before the summer holidays. 

While some children are winding down in the final few weeks of the school term before the big summer break, others are doing no such thing. That's because exam season, and the exam stress accompanying it, is still in full swing, with teenagers taking their GCSEs and other year groups sitting various tests, hoping their revision and increased intake of top brain-boosting foods pays off.

It's no different for Kate Middleton and Prince William's only daughter Princess Charlotte, nine, who William revealed is 'taking exams' at Lambrook school in Berkshire which she attends with both of her brothers, Prince George, 10, and Prince Louis, six.

He shared the news with a nine-year-old royal fan during his appearance at a D-Day event in Portsmouth earlier this week when the youngster asked him where Charlotte was.

"Charlotte's at school, Charlotte's got exams," he told her, bending down so they were face-to-face, a parenting tactic Kate Middleton has long relied on to better connect with children. "Yes, she's got tests – she wasn't looking forward to it this morning," he said before crossing his fingers and adding, "Hopefully it's all gone well."

We're sure that Charlotte's big brother George is on hand to help guide her through the tests after he experienced the same ordeal last year and, as Kate revealed, didn't enjoy it one bit.

During a visit to a Welsh high school in October 2023, Kate shared with the school's older children, "George is just at the beginning of being tested. He says, 'Mummy, I keep getting tested all the time.' But when it gets to A-levels you feel like you're on it," as reported by The Express.

We're sure that Kate and William are helping Charlotte out wherever they can, with their hands on parenting style likely leaving them to check up on what to eat before an exam and search out ways to help focus the child brain for better revision.

When she's not taking exams, Charlotte reportedly loves school and is a very popular student.  "They're lovely kids," a source previously told Hello! of Charlotte and her siblings. "Charlotte is so kind and friendly and the other children adore her. She's kind to the kids in younger years and she's very popular. George seems like a nice boy, too, and little Louis just has so much energy."

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