Princess Diana's hairdresser reveals sweet reason why William loved haircuts as a child

Prince William, Prince of Wales visits Fistral Beach on May 9, 2024 in Newquay, England. During his visit The Prince of Wales is meeting members of the Holywell Bay and Newquay Surf Life Saving Clubs which train and support volunteers to save lives and prevent drowning in open water.
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Prince William had a particular fondness for haircuts as a child, according to Princess Diana's long-time hairdresser, Richard Dalton.

Speaking at the Styling Princess Diana panel at Fotografiska New York, Dalton detailed how young William relished these occasions as they allowed him to watch "extra television" during his trims.

Dalton, who also served as Prince Harry's hairdresser until 1991, recounted that William would prepare for these visits by placing a chair on a coffee table awaiting his haircut.

Known for his close connection to the Royal Family, particularly Princess Diana, Dalton's recent revelations provide delightful insight into the princes' childhoods, OK! reports.

As Dalton shared more about his time with the royals, he told PEOPLE magazine: "I would see her every morning, and obviously she had an event every day [and would] come back at 5 o'clock to do tiaras. I don't think we were ever serious, it was always fun."

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997) with her sons William and Harry during a holiday with the Spanish royal family at the Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, August 1987.
Richard Dalton was the long time hairdresser of the late Princess Diana and also used to cut William and Harry's hair as children -Credit:Getty

Now preparing for the release of his book, It's All About the Hair - My Decade with Diana, Dalton offered further insights into his experiences with the royals during the Styling Diana panel where he appeared alongside Elizabeth Emanuel, designer of Diana's wedding dress.

In a surprising revelation, Dalton disclosed that Diana was a huge fan of the TV soap Dynasty, even going so far as to skip events to catch up on the series, according to the Mirror.

Infatuated by the US drama, the late Princess of Wales even adopting its unique fashion and jewellery styles.

He amusingly shared: "Fashion, jewellery, she used to pretend she was in Dynasty! "

Diana was so captivated by the iconic 80s series that it influenced her attire at several high-profile events, including the premiere of Back to The Future.

Emulating her favourite soap characters, the mum-of-two once wore a pearl necklace tied at the bottom, just like the show's leading ladies.

But Richard didn't just reminisce about Diana's style choices. He also paid a touching tribute to the beloved princess, stating that Diana was "extremely special" and was "more beautiful in real life than any picture."

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