Prison mentor suspended for wearing Bermuda shorts to work during heatwave

Think working outside during the current heatwave is tough?

Then spare a thought for a Spanish prison worker, who’s been suspended for one month without pay for wearing Bermuda shorts during stiflingly hot weather.

The mentor showed up at Jaen prison in Andalucia donning the funky beachwear this time last year.

Temperatures were regularly soaring past 40 degrees Celsius - more than 10 degrees higher than the hottest parts of the UK today.

His job was to informally talk to inmates as they took time out in the yard.

It’s therefore understandable that he may have wanted to dress down a little.

But his clothing conduct was deemed not acceptable by senior officials, who launched a year-long investigation into his actions.

It ended in him being suspended this week, reports El Mundo newspaper.

The UGT trade union is fuming over the “heavy handed” decision, and has called for the director of the Andalucian penitentiary centre to quit or be fired.

“A long unblemished career is being put at risk by trivialities,” a statement from the union said.

The prison has not commented on the suspension.

(Picture credit: Flickr Creative Commons).