Prisoner flung faeces and porridge into guard's face when he went to check on him

A prisoner hurled a bucket of faeces - mixed with porridge - into a guard's face when he went to check on him in his cell.

Daniel Kirby, 35, was doing time at HMP Garth, in Leyland, when he carried out the disgusting attack. Preston Crown Court heard that on July 24, 2021, Kirby was on the segregation wing and was to be observed in person each time he was checked.

Niamh Ingham, prosecuting, said that at 11.15am he became verbally abusive and aggressive towards an officer on duty. Around 45 minutes later, he blocked the observation panel in the door of his cell and pressed the cell bell.


Three officers went to the cell, but Kirby was unresponsive so they opened the cell door. As they did, Kirby threw the bucket of faeces, mixed with porridge towards the officers. Liquid went into one of the officers' face and over his clothing.

The door was quickly closed again and the officers withdrew.

Kirby pleaded guilty to administering a noxious substance and appeared over video link to be sentenced.

Beverley Hackett, defending, said he had mental health difficulties and is currently being held in a high security hospital. he is responding well to the care he is receiving there, she said.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Unsworth KC, said: "We are dealing with an incident almost three years after it was committed and it is an offence sometimes known as 'potting'. The prison officer suffered anxiety and awaited blood tests to see if he had caught any infection.

"He was stressed about bodily fluids hitting him in the face. His sleep was disturbed and he has gone over the incident again and again in his head. He was worried about socialising with his family and friends in case he had caught something.

"Eventually he was able to return to work but felt he had changed. Plainly, for obvious reasons, this was a distressing incident as far as the officer was concerned."

He sentenced Kirby to a further two years in prison.