Private Jet Originating From Austin, Texas, Crash Lands in Honduran Capital

A private Gulfstream jet originating from Austin, Texas, with seven registered occupants, crash landed at the end of the Toncontín International Airport runway in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on May 22.

Honduras National Police said in a statement that there were no fatalities, and that the spokesperson for Tegucigalpa’s Hospital Escuela Universitario confirmed five passengers had been admitted, were in stable condition, and were receiving treatment for injuries.

In an email to Storyful, Jarrod W. Brown, who filmed these videos, said he was at the airport when it happened. “I was, am, at the airport when it happened,” he said. “I landed on a small plane about an hour before the crash. I’m supposed to leave on American but the airport is closed. There’s only 1 runway. It’s a very short runway. The private jet did not touch down soon enough to stop on the short runway. Now it’s sitting in the middle of a major artery leading into the city of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras … It’s supposed to be the shortest international runway in the world. The approach is very tough weaving through mountains. The jet came from Austin with 6 Business men, all Americans. They’re at a local hospital receiving treatment.” Credit: Jarrod W. Brown via Storyful