Private Plane Makes Emergency Landing on New Jersey Road

A private plane made an emergency landing at an intersection in Robbinsville, New Jersey, on June 7.

Dennis Symons Jr recorded this footage showing the plane, debris, and downed power lines, and originally posted it to his Mid-New Jersey news Facebook page.

The 47-year-old pilot was flying a single engine 1966 Piper painted with black and purple camouflage and a U.S. Air Force symbol. According to a press release from the Robbinsville Township Police Department, the pilot took off from the Robbinsville Airport shortly before the crash, and had experienced “some sort of mechanical failure while in flight, causing him to perform an emergency landing.”

According to the press release, the pilot did not suffer any critical injuries and was taken to a hospital for “minor back pain.” Credit: Dennis Symons Jr. via Storyful