Pro-Choice Activists To Launch ‘Abortion Drone’

A Dutch pro-choice organisation is preparing to fly a drone packed with abortion pills into neighbouring Poland - one of the few places in Europe where abortion is still illegal in most cases.

The drone launch is intended as a protest to “mark the different reality for Polish women to access to safe abortion services compared to other women in Europe”.

Women for Waves is set to launch the ‘abortion drone’ from Frankfurt on Saturday morning, though its precise destination in Poland remains a secret for now, with more details set to be released nearer the launch.

Abortion in Poland is illegal in most cases, with exceptions only made for cases of rape or incest, when a woman’s life is in danger or when there is potential damage to the foetus.

The protest group is confidant that flying the drone over the border will not break any laws as it meets German legal requirements - it weighs less than 5kg, it is not used for commercial purposes, will stay within sight of the person flying it and will not fly into a controlled air space.

The protest is a collaboration between several pro-choice groups from Germany and Poland.