Pro-Palestine demonstrators stage British Museum sit-in to protest over BP deal

Palestinian protesters have staged a sit-in demonstration at the British Museum to object to the London institution accepting funding from oil giant BP.

Energy Embargo for Palestine said it organised the protest at the Great Court alongside Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Sunday.

Members of the group left the Bloomsbury site after being asked on Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police were notified but did not attend, it is understood.

“The British Museum respects other people’s right to express their views and allows peaceful protest onsite at the museum as long as there is no risk to the collection, staff or visitors,” a spokesman for the institution said.

In December, the museum confirmed that the partnership with BP will be extended for another decade after a £50 million deal to help fund its renovations plans.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, Energy Embargo for Palestine said that they want the British Museum to “end its 10-year partnership with British Petroleum, an energy company profiting” from the war between Israel and Hamas.

The protesters also cited Israel announcing in October that gas exploration licences had been given to six companies including BP.

Environmental campaigners have been disappointed by the museum’s sponsorship deal but it has been defended as securing the body’s collection for “generations to come”.