Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested During Oxford Sit-In

At least 16 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested during a sit-in at Oxford University on Thursday, May 23, a local activist group said.

Footage released by Oxford Action for Palestine shows students being taken out of an administrative building on Wellington Square. The footage also shows police pushing protesters on Little Clarendon Street while shouting “Move back”.

Oxford Action for Palestine said the sit-in protest started at 8 am. By 1 pm, at least 16 protesters had been arrested, the group said.

Storyful had not received comment from Thames Valley Police at the time of reporting. Credit: Oxford Action for Palestine via Storyful

Video transcript

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Run and go!

Tell them they're coming up!

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That would be you can't be silent.

Stop for me now!

We are right.

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How is that five people?

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Fuck you!


Let them go!