How pro-Palestinians in Spain view Madrid's recognition of Palestine?

How pro-Palestinians in Spain view Madrid's recognition of Palestine?

Spain will join over 130 countries worldwide and nine within the European Union by recognising the Palestinian State.

However, at the Complutense University of Madrid, where over 500 professors and students have been camping for more than 16 days, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's announcement is seen as only a small step. The protesters vow to continue their campout until Madrid severs relations with Israel.

"For us, these are empty gestures. It really doesn't mean anything to recognise the Palestinian State when it is being forced to disappear. It doesn't mean anything when Spain continues to sell arms to Israel, when Israel is committing genocide" Daniel Marie-Richard, a spokesperson for students, said.

Protesters demand that the Spanish government sever relations with Israel and end the arms trade, saying that these actions are what will truly help the Palestinian people.

"It's a bit late but better than nothing. I am looking forward to the next steps for Palestine," said another protestor Bilal Salah from Egypt.

According to Eva Aladro, a Professor of Information Theory at UCM, the move marks a highly positive step, illustrating European countries' ongoing support for condemning genocide and advocating for the complete and unconditional human rights of the Palestinian people.

"So, I think it is a butterfly effect, an avalanche effect. I don't think will take long before European countries break diplomatic relations [with Israel]. And I don't think it will take long before Israel becomes a pariah state in the international community", she told Euronews.

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