Pro Wrestler Bulk Bronson Comes Out as Bisexual and Thanks Fiancée Gabby Forza for Support: 'Grateful'

"If me coming out and living my truth helps at least one other person feel more comfortable in their own skin, it makes it all worth it for me," Bronson wrote after coming out on social media

<p>Bulk Bronson/X</p> AEW wrestler Bulk Bronson

Bulk Bronson/X

AEW wrestler Bulk Bronson

Wrestler Joe Fitzpatrick, who is best known under his stage name "Dirty Bulk" Bronson, has came out as bisexual in a powerful post on social media.

Bronson, 28, initially came out on June 2 when he quoted a post on X (formerly Twitter) from his fiancée, wrestler Gabby Forza, calling for members of the LGBTQ+ community to share a photo of themself and the flag that represents their sexual orientation.

After Bronson posted a photo of himself and the bisexual pride flag, his followers celebrated the wrestler's announcement and offered words of support in the replies.

One day later, Bronson penned a thoughtful message and revealed the touching response from friends, family and fans to his coming out.

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The wrestler said he's "been left speechless by the endless phone calls, texts, DM's and replies" in the last 24 hours since "openly admitting that I am bisexual."

Bronson wrote, "Between the social media response — and just now getting off a 55-minute phone call with my parents that was overflowing with so much love & uplifting support — I could run through a brick wall right now from how grateful I feel."

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) athlete shared that he had come out to Forza when they began dating, and she has "always lifted me up and been proud of me," Bronson said.

"But [Forza] always instilled in me that if I spoke out about it openly, I'd have to do it for ME and nobody else," Bronson wrote. "With her never-ending love & acceptance, I honestly didn’t care enough to share with the world. She IS my world, so that's all that matters right?"

<p>Bulk Bronson/Instagram</p> Bulk Bronson and fiance Gabby Forza at Christmas Time

Bulk Bronson/Instagram

Bulk Bronson and fiance Gabby Forza at Christmas Time

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Bronson said he began feeling "different" lately, and it was inspiration from his fiancée, who openly expresses "how proud she is to be bi/pansexual & queer," and many of his "friends & coworkers that are out and proud" that helped him share his sexuality with the public.

"I was completely unsure of what the response would be and honestly didn’t really care," Bronson said in his post. "If nobody cared or noticed like I expected, that would be TOTALLY fine. If other wrestlers thought I had ulterior motives or thought of me coming out as a strategic move for my career, then this is for them too and I hope it pisses you off," he continued.

"All I knew in the moment was that I just felt like doing something for me," he explained of posting his photo with the bisexual pride flag, adding, "So it finally felt right."

Bronson called the response "indescribable" and said it's "taken me a bit to fully process" the reactions. "All I can think to say right now is, from the bottom of my heart — THANK YOU," he wrote.

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Ultimately, Bronson said he's learned a lot about representation through the process and he's grateful if his openness helps even one person to live their truth.

"While these past 24 hours flew by so fast, I feel like I learned so much. All this time I thought 'why even say anything, who cares?', but I learned just how important representation is," Bronson wrote. "If me coming out and living my truth helps at least one other person feel more comfortable in their own skin, it makes it all worth it for me."

In a fourth slide, Bronson shared a list of interactions he's had with family and friends since the post, revealing that his brother "immediately cracked jokes before telling me how proud he is and how much he loves me," that his fiancée has "been crying while holding me tight" and his parents "wouldn't stop crying and kept calling me back to tell me how much they love me."

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