Pro wrestler 'Dirty Bulk' Bronson has us in a chokehold by coming out as bisexual

Pro wrestler Dirty Bulk Bronson came out as bisexual
Pro wrestler Dirty Bulk Bronson came out as bisexual

Gay pro wrestler Anthony Bowens blazed a trial for All Elite Wrestlers by coming out back in 2016, and now AEW hotshot Joe Fitzpatrick, AKA "Dirty Bulk" Bronson, is celebrating Pride Month by coming out as bisexual.

On June 2, Bronson — who wrestles as one-third of the tag team the Iron Savages — came out by responding to a quote-tweet chain on X (formerly Twitter) with a super cute selfie that already has more than 380,000 views.

Bronson posted a smiling selfie and bisexual flag in response to a "you and your flag" quote-tweet chain after his fiancé, pro wrestler Gabby Forza, posted a selfie of her own alongside a pansexual Pride flag.

Lucky for Bronson, his candid post was met with an outpouring of love and support from fans. One person commented, "Seeing how many wrestlers are comfortable openly being their authentic selves now is SO fucking cool. Love this for you!!"

Someone else wrote, "Happy pride! You are seen and you are amazing!" The AEW Women's Division Blog even posted, "Hell yeah! Happy #PrideMonth!"

On June 3, Bronson responded to all the love he's gotten online by posting a series of statements written in Apple's Notes App and posted on X. "The last 24 hours have just been so overwhelming ever since openly admitting that I am bisexual," Bronson wrote. "I've been left speechless by the endless phone calls, texts, DM's, replies from faithful fans, my close friends, our scumbag, and so many others I've had new interactions with. Between the social media response — and just now getting off a 55-minute phone call with my parents that was overflowing with so much love & uplifting support — I could run through a brick wall right now from how grateful I feel."

He continued by crediting Forza for finally feeling comfortable coming out, "The love of my life has always lifted me up and been proud of me from the second I admitted my sexuality to her when we started dating, but always instilled in me that if I spoke out about it openly, I'd have to do it for ME and nobody else, it has to be when I'm comfortable. With her never-ending love & acceptance, I honestly didn't care enough to share with the world. She IS my world, so that's all that matters, right?"'

He went on to talk about his wrestling costars, who have also come out. "Well, lately I've felt different. Not only have I been heavily inspired by Gabby and how proud she is to be bi/pansexual & queer, I've been inspired by so many others as well. Many of my friends & coworkers that are out and proud, and even some that are still in the closet waiting to one day feel ready."

He also talked about being "inside" what the response would be to him coming out, but that he "honestly didn't care," and called out any coworkers who think he may have come out as a "strategic move" to bolster his career, writing that he hopes "it pisses you off."

Forza responded to his statement by writing, "I love you so, so much. Happy Pride month to my sweetie & all our loving friends that have made his day and this experience so loving. I can't wait to marry my sweet Bear. You deserve the whole world."

Welcome to the fam, Bulk!