Professor T fans share their worries for star as crime drama returns

Ben Miller is back as the criminologist suffering from OCD, but he has a tough season ahead of him.

Professor T. (ITV)
Professor T is set for a tricky time in season 3. (ITV)

What did you miss?

Professor T has returned after a long break, but viewers all have the same worry for Ben Miller's Jasper after the first episode.

The criminologist lead character is well known for his obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) struggle, so when Jasper Tempest found himself locked up in prison at the beginning of the long-awaited season three, fans were unsure of how he would cope.

ITV viewers were delighted to see the quirky crime drama return after 18 months since the last series, even though there seemed to be no end to the prof's time behind bars just yet.

What, how and why?

It's been a long wait for Professor T fans to see the crime drama back on screen, but while the show made a welcome return to ITV for season three it left viewers with the same worry about lead character Jasper Tempest.

Criminologist Jasper, played by Ben Miller, suffers from OCD which has made his career tricky for him many times in the past, but none more so than in season three's debut where he was sent to prison.

Ben Miller and Frances de la Tour star. (ITV)
Ben Miller and Frances de la Tour star in the ITV drama. (ITV)

Jasper had discharged a firearm in a police station at the end of season two and so now finds himself behind bars, but fans thought the character's biggest punishment would be the lack of control over his enviroment.

One viewer commented on X: "Can't imagine Jasper's OCD will do very well in prison." Agreeing, another fan wrote: "Someone with OCD in prison, yikes?" while another person added: "not a great place for someone with OCD."

Jasper was forced to interact with his fellow prisoners after his old colleagues asked him to work for them from the inside, but one viewer commented: "I'm sorry, has Jasper just touched another human being?" while someone else added: "Give him an antibacterial hand wash after that."

Someone else observed: "Open toilet, #ProfessorT won’t cope."

Will we be back for more?

He might be locked up, but Jasper still looks to be getting through a hefty amount of police work so fans needn't worry about a lack of storylines this season.

One impressed viewer commented: "Is it me or has the quality of #ProfessorT taken a huge step upwards for this series. Can't put my finger on why but the whole thing seems much better put together than previously."

Someone else added: "Ah Professor T, what a great programme! Loved it."

One fan worried: "Poor Jasper. It's hard seeing him struggle like that," but someone else predicted: "Prison will be the making of him..." while another viewer added: "Give Jasper a couple of weeks and he’ll be running D wing."

Professor T airs on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday.

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