Professor T star says Jasper father storyline still 'not done yet'

ben miller, professor t, season 3
Professor T star teases father plot 'not done yet'ITV

Professor T season three finale spoilers follow.

Professor T star Emma Naomi has hinted the mystery over the death of Jasper Tempest's father will continue next season.

Wednesday's season finale shed new light on how Jasper's father met his demise, following a drastic shift for the show that saw Jasper spend several episodes behind bars.

It was revealed that, after a lifetime of questions of whether Jasper's father killed himself, Adelaide finally confessed to her son that she'd accidentally killed his abusive father after he'd attacked her and a young Jasper.

While the Professor strongly considered reporting his mother to the police, the two made amends instead and Jasper agreed to keep Adelaide's secret.

ben miller, professor t, season 3

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As for whether Jasper (Death in Paradise's Ben Miller) will be able to move on from his father's death after all these years, Emma Naomi — who plays DI Lisa Donckers — told Digital Spy that there are more revelations to come.

"I don’t think we’re done yet. Those memories and how fragmented it is, I don’t know that we’re done," she teased.

The actress went on: "I think he’s got so much more to discover about himself, the accuracy of his memories and evidence so I’m still intrigued to really unpick how exactly everything happened, how it was covered up and what is real and what is not.

professor t  emma naomi as lisa donckers
Eagle Eye Drama - ITV

"We’ve already seen that the professor has had so many fantasies that I feel like, maybe as an audience, there’s potential for us to be taken on a journey where maybe his sense of reality – past, present, future – could be really distorted or maybe we discover something. I don’t know. I think it’s quite exciting."

The good news for fans is that Professor T has already been renewed for a fourth season, which will see Jasper grapple with the weight of his discovery.

"There's nothing out there quite like Professor T, with its unique mix of complex crimes and captivating characters, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Cambridge; the central enigma being the Professor himself… a mystery I hope to investigate for many seasons to come," Ben Miller has said.

ben miller, professor t, season 3

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The detective drama is based on a Belgian series of the same name, which has also been adapted in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Professor T is streaming on ITVX in the UK and airs on PBS in the US.

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