Professor T's latest episode has Silent Witness star in big role

richard linter in professor t s3e2
Silent Witness star appears in Professor T episodeITV

Professor T spoilers follow.

This week's instalment of Professor T saw former Silent Witness star Richard Lintern make a surprise cameo as a priest harbouring a dark secret.

During tonight's (April 3) episode, Jasper was allowed out of prison to assist the police with the case of a bride named Greta Parks, who had been found dead in a pool the night after her wedding.

However, it was the appearance of Lintern – who is best known for his role as Dr Thomas Chamberlain in BBC's Silent Witness – as father of the groom Reverend Virgil Hall that caught the attention of viewers online.

"Now we know why Thomas Chamberlain left Silent Witness. To become a vicar. But why the name change?" one person joked on X.

richard linter in professor t s3e2

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However Lintern's Reverend was less than squeaky-clean after a day release grant for Jasper allowed the Professor to help his team piece together the clues and charge him with the murder of his daughter-in-law.

After using advice fromJasper to create a diversion at the hotel, which would allow the killer an opportunity to cover their tracks, Lisa and Dan raced to the scene of the crime, where they found Virgil in the pool attempting to remove an anklet that had fallen off Greta.

A flashback then revealed the pair had secretly met by the pool, with Greta revealing that she intended to come clean to her husband Graydon about their affair.

Virgil ultimately admitted to ending Greta's life, claiming that he had been "tempted" by her and that he acted to protect his congregation. "You'll never convince me that I did wrong," he said.

richard linter in professor t s3e2

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As Jasper once again proved himself invaluable to cracking a case, having noted Greta's anklet missing earlier in the episode, several other viewers were left frustrated with the decision to have the professor behind bars, with one fan writing: "Im not liking Jasper being in prison. I might stop watching."

"Enjoyable though #ProfessorT is, I've had enough of the prison scenario. Please return him to college. Thank you," a second added.

Professor T airs Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV and ITVX.

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