Progressive group to circulate mobile billboard blasting RFK Jr. at Libertarian event

A progressive organization will roll out a mobile billboard campaign blasting independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention as he seeks to secure the party’s voters.

MoveOn Political Action will circulate its “Exposing RFK Jr.” billboard truck beginning Friday to tell voters that a vote for Kennedy is a vote for former President Trump, the organization confirmed Thursday.

The billboard will feature messages including “Kennedy Jr. Supports Abortion Restrictions,” “He Can’t Worm His Way Out of This One,” and “Exposing Kennedy Jr. for Who He Really Is.”

Kennedy, an independent who floated joining the Libertarian Party after a failed primary bid as a Democrat, is slated to address the party’s convention in Washington this weekend.

The environmental lawyer sparked speculation about a Libertarian presidential bid earlier this year after he spoke at the party’s annual convention in February.

He had casually entertained a switch after seeing increasing support from party members, strategists and activists, multiple sources told The Hill, but eventually ruled it out last month.

In doing so, his campaign noted Kennedy has “many areas of alignment with the Libertarian Party,” and pointed to his stance on civil liberties and keeping the U.S. out of foreign wars.

Former President Trump, the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, is also expected to address this weekend’s gathering in a surprise decision. His unexpected appearance underscores the potential threat Kennedy could pose in November.

While Kennedy is vying for ballot access in all 50 states, political strategists predict he likely only needs a few significant states to create a “spoiler” effect.

Most national polling has suggested Kennedy could damage President Biden’s numbers more than Trump’s in a hypothetical general election scenario.

According to a Fox News national poll released last week, Trump led Biden among registered voters by 1 point in a head-to-head match-up, but when Kennedy and fellow independent candidate Cornel West were included in the poll, Trump’s lead over Biden increased to 3 points.

Kennedy, however, still trails far behind Biden and Trump, shoring up about 8.6 percent of the national vote, compared to Trump, who has about 41.5 percent, and Biden, who has about 40.2 percent, according to a polling index by The Hill and Decision Desk HQ.

The Hill reached out to Kennedy’s campaign for comment.

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