Protesters March on Lutzerath Mining Site

Demonstrators gathered in Lutzerath, Germany, on January 14, to protest against the expansion of a opencast lignite mine that would require the demolition of the town.

The mine, which is owned and operated by the German energy company RWE, has been the subject of ongoing protests since 2020, despite assurances from government officials that the site is among the last of its kind as the country moves to enact climate-conscious policies. Activists set up barricades and shacks around the area, reports said. According to news reports, German police said that most of the structures set up by anti-coal protesters, including treehouses, had been cleared by January 13.

Videos filmed by Instagram use @estape_p show protesters gathering at the mine site on Saturday.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg attended and spoke at the event, reports said. Credit: @estape_p via Storyful