Protesters Occupy Tables at Gordon Ramsay Restaurant in London

Police were called to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London on Saturday, November 19, after protesters occupied tables and refused to leave, according to reports.

Members of Animal Rebellion, a climate change and vegan activist group, sat at tables reserved for guests at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in south-west London.

Footage provided by the group shows protesters holding green menus displaying the environmental cost of food served at the restaurant.

In a Facebook post Animal Rebellion said, “A plant-based food system requires 75% less farmland to grow food, allowing us to feed millions of additional people… It is THE answer to the cost of living crisis, the climate crisis and ecological crisis.”

The group also called on Gordon Ramsay to “not stay silent” adding that “the cost-of-living crisis and climate emergency affects us all, and is already causing unimaginable suffering to the poorest and most disadvantaged communities”.

According to the BBC, a spokeswoman for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay said, “everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. However, to force your way into a restaurant, disturbing hard-working staff going about their jobs and ruining the evening of guests who have waited months for their reservations is incredibly inappropriate and deeply disrespectful.”.

Reports said London’s Metropolitan Police attended the scene and the protesters left. No arrests were made. Credit: Animal Rebellion via Storyful

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