Protesters Set Fires and Block Roads in Sao Paulo

Protesters blockaded roads in Sao Paulo, Brazil, setting fires and stopping traffic early on Monday, January 9.

Local media reported that a group of supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro blockaded a road and started a fire on the Rodovia Regis Bittencourt in Embu das Artes around 5 am local time on Monday.

A separate group blockaded Marginal Tiete from around 5:40 am, setting a fire underneath the Ponte dos Remedios, the report added.

The report added that it was not clear whether the group on Marginal Tiete were Bolsonaro supporters.

The protests come a day after pro-Bolsonaro protesters stormed government buildings in Brasilia.

This footage shows smoke rising near the Ponte dos Remedios on Monday morning. Credit: @BseConservadora via Storyful