Psychic who claims to have predicted 9/11 and Diana's death says England will win World Cup

A psychic who claims to have predicted major events such as 9/11 and Princess Diana's death - claims England are going to win the World Cup.

Anthony Carr, 79, who has been predicting world events all his life, has read palms for celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Frank Sinatra and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

With World Cup fever gripping nations worldwide, Anhony has made the bold prediction that the Three Lions will make it to the tournament's final.

He claims to have had a vision of the Falklands War and believes England will face Argentina on the pitch - with an English victory of 2-0.

Anthony, from Toronto, Canada, said: "I'm not a big fan of soccer, but when my young friend and manager Justin was telling me a bit about what was going on in the World Cup.

"That's when I had a flash of the Falklands War in 1982.

"Something in that flash felt very familiar to me that England and Argentina would be fighting again, but this time on the playing field.

"Once again, with England being victorious as I had predicted they would be in the Falklands War to my newspaper, The Toronto Sun.

"Never have I felt so strongly about something since my 9/11 prediction."

Anthony grew up in the Regent Park area of Toronto and on circus tours as a young man due to his parents being performers and claims his gift helped him get out of poverty.

With the potential outcome of the tournament not going this way for the Three Lions, Anthony said that he is used to facing the fury of the people.

He added: "Even though in my long and checkered career I have many times faced the 'Wrath of Khan', I'm quite prepared to face the wrath of the British crown.

"In short, if I'm wrong, sue me!"