Pub BANS children as venue now over-18s only

A town centre pub has banned children. The Red Lion - on Stone High Street - is now over-18s only following recent incidents involving 'unsupervised children' and confrontations with parents.

But the venue has said it is willing to bend the new rule for well-behaved parents and their children.

A notice states: "The Red Lion is an over-18s venue only. No under-18s unless prior permission agreed by management."

In a social media post to drinkers, the venue added: "Due to a number of previous issues with unsupervised children in our beer garden and also the confrontational attitudes of some parents when asked politely to keep an eye on their children we have made the decision to make the Red Lion over-18s only."

It added: "We don’t want to spoil it for those parents who have always ensured their kids behave appropriately here and respect their environment so we will continue to make exceptions for you guys. But as always management decision is final. Many thanks for your understanding in this matter."

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