Puffy American Eagles Swarm Kids Returning From Studying Abroad

A group of Florida college students returning from studying in Florence, Italy, received a very patriotic homecoming at the Jacksonville airport on Friday, June 21, as friends in puffy American eagle outfits swarmed them with hugs.

Footage taken by Emme Acker shows two Florida State University students walking through
Jacksonville International Airport, before being met by three classmates dressed up in inflatable eagle costumes. The eagles are seen jumping and dancing for the students, then embracing them.

The students had been away for six weeks, Acker said.

“We knew we wanted to do something fun, and when we came across the patriotic blow-up eagle costumes, we knew it was going to be hilarious,” Acker told Storyful. Credit: Emme Acker via Storyful

Video transcript

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