‘Pumpkin-like’: Richard Madeley sorry for tan on Good Morning Britain

The presenter was standing in for Piers Morgan on the daytime show.

Richard Madeley said he was looking “a bit orange” after a guest on Good Morning Britain commented on the host’s tan.

The presenter, standing in for Piers Morgan, was interviewing Mark-Francis Vandelli about new reality TV show Celebs On A Ranch.

The Made In Chelsea star asked the presenter if he had been to Barbados, adding: “Your tan is phenomenal.”

Madeley said: “I was in the south of France for two weeks and came back a few days ago just before the start of this.

“But I agree with you, it’s looking a bit orange.

“It can only be make-up I think, there is a tan underneath it. Sorry everybody if it’s a bit pumpkin-like. Take it down, wash it off.”

Co-host Charlotte Hawkins informed Madeley he was trending on Twitter, before adding: “It’s just in comparison to me because I look anaemic.”

Vandelli appeared on the morning show to promote the new 5Star reality series, which sees 10 celebrities working on a ranch in Arizona.