Pup in the doghouse after locking owners out of campervan at Scots beauty spot

A mischievous pup managed to lock his owners out of their campervan while visiting a Scots beauty spot forcing the couple to call the AA for help.

Kevin and Lisa Noon had been out walking in Castle Douglas with Spanish Terrier Lau and were just getting ready to leave when they realised both sets of keys were stuck inside the motorhome.

The couple from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire were forced to call the AA for help and relieved when local mechanic James Cairns came to their rescue.

James from Parkdale Garage told the BBC : "We received the call to help AA members locked out of their car in Castle Douglas, and didn't find out until we were en route that there was a dog involved.

"We got there and discovered the dog had indeed locked the vehicle and was sitting in the passenger seat with a big smile, with the owners outside frustrated.

"I've dealt with kids in cars and adults locked out, but this was the first time in 17 years that I'd had a dog locking its owners out."

The couple and their pup had spent the day in Castle Douglas.
The couple and their pup had spent the day in Castle Douglas.

No one could blame the pooch for the unfortunate mishap, and he even helped James to open the door to the vehicle.

He explained: "There's a rod that goes in to access the door latch and Lau gave it a little bump towards the door to help me.

"When it was close he decided to sit back and leave me to it, thankfully, and I was able to pop it open.

"I actually think he knew exactly what was going on and was wanting to stay on holiday, and didn't want to go home. I think that's what he was up to."

The pup's owner Kevin also said: "Lau was loose in the van as we were packing and then my wife went to go back in and couldn't get the door open.

"We couldn't get through the cab doors, and it was very unusual for both sets of keys to be in the van because we usually both carry a set."

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He continued: "We were in a panic for a bit, but we rung the AA and the garage and James were very good.

"Lau was fine. He's quite a clever dog so I wouldn't be surprised at all if he didn't want to leave.

"He really enjoys the walks around Castle Douglas because where we live it's quite urban.

"We'll definitely be back with Lau because it's a beautiful area and the people are lovely - my wife and I have just said that we'll just make sure we have the keys outside the van at all times!"

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