Puppy paramedic - cute video shows police dog 'giving CPR' to collapsed officer

This amazing video shows a police dog in Madrid appearing to give CPR to an officer pretending to be collapsed.

The video of ‘Poncho’, posted on Twitter by Madrid Police, has gone viral, with millions of people around the world watching his life-saving antics.

The clip, recorded at a training event, shows an officer pretending to collapse in front of Poncho.

The dog responds by repeatedly jumping on his chest in what looks like a bid to resuscitate him.

Poncho even appears to put his head to the fallen officer’s neck to check for a pulse.

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In the tweet, Madrid Police described Poncho’s performance as “heroic” saying he “did not hesitate for a moment” to save the officer’s life.

They added that he had practised CPR in a “masterful way”.