Purr-fect Pair! Cat and Baby Goat Enjoy Cuddles on Farmer's Lap

A barn cat and a baby goat had the opportunity to bond recently, as they relaxed on the lap of a farmer in Maine.

Footage captured by Hope Hall of Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland shows Roger the barn cat and baby goat Izzy snuggled up on her lap as they chill out and enjoy some pets.

Hall told Storyful that Roger loves baby goats, and that he “somehow knows” when a goat is going to give birth, and even “sits on the edge of the stalls waiting for all the new arrivals.”

“When the babies play in the barn in their first days, he is always close by, watching all their antics,” she said. “But many of the goat mothers don’t let him get too close to their kids.”

According to hall, Roger “took full advantage” of being able to snuggle mini Nubian goat Izzy on her lap, where the mama goats would not bother him.

She added that Izzy, who was just one day old at the time of filming, “appreciated the warm cuddle, but might not have especially liked all the licking, and cat paw hugging!”

An estimated “60 playful little goats” are born on the farm each spring, Hall said. Her YouTube channel features a wealth of videos showing the daily life and adventures of the farm’s inhabitants. Credit: Hope Hall via Storyful

Video transcript

- Come here. Come here.