Queen Charlotte's Freddie and Sam on bringing gay love story to Bridgerton

Queen Charlotte's Freddie and Sam on bringing gay love story to Bridgerton

Freddie Dennis and Sam Clemmett, who play Reynolds and Brimsley in Netflix's Queen Charlotte, have opened up about how they feel in bringing the first prominent queer love story to the Bridgerton universe.

The pair play King George and Queen Charlotte's lead footmen, and whilst much of their time on screen is dedicated to serving the royals, they also have a significant storyline about their romantic relationship.

From secret baths together, to sharing palace intel, to *that* Brimsley dancing scene, it's safe to say Queen Charlotte fans have fallen head over heels for their love story.

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Though Bridgerton has featured a small queer plot-line courtesy of artist Henry Granville, Brimsley and Reynold's relationship is the first storyline to take centre stage in the Bridgerton universe and be given almost as much focus as the romance between Charlotte and George.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Freddie, 26, and Sam, 29, said it was an "immense privilege" and "honour" to be part of the important storyline.

"I hope I speak for you as well, Sam: it's an immense privilege to be part of that.

"The Bridgerton universe, more generally, is celebrated for its inclusivity and diversity and I, for one, am incredibly proud to be part of a series that extends that to the queer community as well," Freddie said.

Sam also agreed adding: "As am I. I think it's so important nowadays, whether we're doing a period drama or a modern-day drama, that we are reflecting the society in which we live, and people can identify themselves on screen.

"The fact that this relationship exists completely parallel with all the other relationships in the show, is so incredibly important. I'm honoured to be able to celebrate that."

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One Brimsley and Reynolds scene fans were particularly invested in was the bath scene in episode six "Crown Jewels" where Brimsley and Reynolds are seen bathing together, in one of their rare moments of alone time.

Whilst speaking to Digital Spy, Freddie revealed the bath scene is one of his favourites as it gives an insight into the loving relationship between the pair.

"I think the most enjoyable thing for me was exploring those moments of solace and comfort and love where both Reynolds and Brimsley can stop their facades, and be together, and be sort of human and loving together.

"I think my favourite scene for that was probably – do you agree with this, Sam? – was probably the bath scene," Freddie said.

queen charlotte freddie and sam on gay love story

However, despite their love story, Queen Charlotte does not end on a happy note for Brimsley and Reynolds, with the older Brimsley seen dancing on his own in one of the final scenes of the series.

So is there hope for Brimsley and Reynolds? Well, Freddie is convinced that despite not knowing exactly what happened to Reynolds, he can be sure there are still feelings there.

"As I said, I don't know what happens. None of us know what happens to Reynolds but there's no doubt in my mind that wherever he is, he still loves Brimsley with his whole heart," he said.

Sorry, but can someone pass the tissues please?

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is available on Netflix now

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