Queen's favourite £10 takeaway she'd send footman to collect when she was at Balmoral

The Queen is partial to one takeaway in particular on her trips to Scotland.
The Queen was partial to one takeaway in particular on her trips to Scotland. -Credit:Getty

The late Queen, famous for her indulgence in some of the world's most sumptuous foods, was also remarkably fond of the odd takeaway meal.

Reports divulge that the former monarch consistently ordered a gastronomic delight from her cherished Scottish destination, Balmoral, and would send a footman to fetch it.

In an earlier disclosure to The Sun, an insider noted: "She very occasionally treated herself to fish and chips when at Balmoral. A footman is dispatched to get it from the local town of Ballater."

Moreover, Hello! magazine detailed that she had a penchant for kebabs. Jayne Seymour, a royal correspondent, publicised that Krazy Kebabs in Swaffham once received a delivery order from Sandringham House.

Relaying what the delivery driver had imparted, Jayne said: "I assumed the food was for a servant. But when I got to the entrance a butler took it and said it was for the Queen. I hope she enjoyed it we are known for the best kebabs in Norfolk."

On another note, as reports the Mirror, Prince William is revealed to be a Nandos enthusiast. During the BBC documentary Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, aired in May 2020, the prince professed: "Everyone loves a Nando's," before admitting that it's been some time since he had savoured a burger or pitta.

He humorously added: "In fact, the policeman who's on with me again [today], he's the one who gets me the Nando's the whole time. It's his fault."

Back in 2017, Kate Middleton divulged her top choice for a takeaway during an appearance on BBC Radio 1 alongside Prince William. She enthusiastically shared, "Curry, definitely," but noted that she often enjoys it without William, as he's not keen on spicy cuisine.

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The royal pair also mentioned, "It doesn't usually get ordered to the palace, we tend to go and pick it up," and humorously added, "not ourselves!".

In a heart-to-heart with her son Tom Parker Bowles for YOU Magazine, Queen Camilla disclosed her preferred comfort food is none other than the quintessential British dish. "Freshly cooked fish and chips, wrapped in paper," she declared.

"That smell. You cannot beat proper fish and chips."

King Charles has shown his simpler tastes too, expressing a fondness for pizza. During a visit to Scotland in November 2019, he was seen chuckling when presented with a Margarita pizza by an admirer in St Boswells.

Chef Erminio Di Meo recounted the encounter to the Press Association: "I wanted to give him the pizza as he is such a big part of this country. He was curious, he smiled and I said 'it's a margherita'. I believe the Prince said 'it's my favourite'."

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