Queensland Researchers Ask for Public's Help Locating Lost Shark-Tracking Tags

Australian researchers are asking for the public’s help in locating two AU$5,000 satellite trackers that were attached to grey nurse sharks off the Queensland coast in September.

Queensland Environment has called on fishers and boaters off the Queensland coast north of Brisbane to keep an eye out for the trackers.

Australian media, citing the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES), reported that nine sharks were fitted with miniPAT tracking tags in Moreton Bay in September.

One tag, belonging to a 1.9-metre male grey nurse shark, sent signals about 600 miles apart within a few hours on December 20 before going quiet on December 22, the report added.

The other, belonging to a 2.8-metre mature female, was last tracked on January 8.

Footage shows tags being fitted to sharks in Moreton Bay in September.

Grey nurse sharks have been tracked and observed in Moreton Bay since 2018. Credit: SeaWorld/Village Roadshow Theme Parks via Storyful

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