Queensland Snake Catcher Removes Giant Python From Car Wheel

A Queensland snake catcher was called to remove a large python spotted climbing into the wheel arch of a vehicle parked at a lot in Maroochydore on May 9.

Video posted on Facebook shows Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 carefully picking up and coaxing the huge snake into a bag after a man, who was heading home from work, discovered it had slid into his wheel arch.

McKenzie then released the snake, which he described as larger than expected, back into the wild. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- All right, calls just come in at a local establishment where, essentially, a big python was on the move in the car park, and it's going straight up into the wheel arch or the engine bay of one of the cars. And the person's car who it is wanting to leave, so we've got to get over there now and hopefully get the snake out nice and quick and safely, and get it back in the bush. Ooh. She's not a bad size.

- Yeah. The staff member took a video of her.

- Oh! That's a very decent size. That's bigger than what I was expecting. Yeah, wow. That's cool. It's a tricky spot. They don't want to go up in the engine, although it's pretty far back. So I don't know if it wants to go. Just being super gentle.

- Whoa!

- Look at the size of it. Just keeps coming.

- Sweet Lord above.

- Holy moly. That's a big snake. Keep coming. Have a look at that.

- Bloody hell.

- Look at that. Wowee. What a beauty. It's usually not that easy to get them out of cars, but thankfully, yeah. I reckon this guy was too big that he couldn't probably get past where he was sitting there.

- Because he would have wanted to go near where the engine is.

- Yeah. He was looking for warmth. But look at the size of that. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, good. Oh. Sorry, buddy.

- He didn't want me to go home.

- I know. [LAUGHTER] That's it. All right, try and get this big snake to climb. Up you go. Oh. There you go. You worked it out now. See ya, big fella. Stay away from cars, eh? What a unit. It's amazing even how a big snake like this can climb so well up in a tree. I'm so glad I was able to get him out of the car, and I'm glad that people, obviously, notified the person whose car it was before he drove off because that would have been an absolute disaster. See you later, buddy.