Queer Eye's Tan France says he didn't push for friend's hiring

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Queer Eye star Tan France has addressed claims that he pushed to get former co-star Bobby Berk fired and replaced by Jeremiah Brent.

Interior designer Berk announced his departure from the Netflix show last year, and he has since been succeeded in the role by Brent.

In a report published last week by Rolling Stone, it was claimed that France "campaigned" to have Berk replaced by the recently-announced new cast member.

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However, in an Instagram video, France has hit back at the allegation, saying Brent "ended up getting it because they were the best person for the job".

"Good morning. Yes I've heard what's going on, and I just want to address one point real quick," he began. "My former colleague getting fired had nothing to do with me trying to get my friend hired. Netflix and the production companies did a full-on casting.

"I didn’t put my friend up for the job," France continued. "They ended up getting it because they were the best person for the job. Am I so happy that they have the job? Uh-huh, I really am. I think they're going to be incredible on the show. But I didn’t get them hired by getting rid of somebody else.

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"This all started because of a comment on a gossip blog that just got reposted and reposted, and then it's almost become gospel. So from the horse's mouth, I'm telling you that’s not at all how it went down – and that's all I'll say on the matter."

He concluded: "If you need to dig deeper, if you still don’t believe it, believe me... But that's it."

Before the report was published, Berk previously addressed an alleged falling out with France, clarifying that while they "had a moment", they "will be fine" going forwards.

Elsewhere in the report, co-star Jonathan Van Ness has been accused of being "abusive" and having "rage issues" behind the scenes.

Queer Eye seasons 1-8 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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