Quentin Tarantino says he’s definitely retiring after his next film

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Quentin Tarantino insists he will retire after his next film.

The Oscar-winning director behind Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogsand Inglorious Basterds has regularly said he will call it a day after his 10th project.

His ninth film,Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, was released in 2019 to critical acclaim. In past interviews, he has claimed he only plans to make 10 films before retiring to concentrate on writing film books and theatre.

“I know film history and from here on in, filmmakers do not get better,” he told Bill Maher in a new interview.

“I don’t have a reason that I would want to say out loud, that’s going to win any argument in a court of public opinion or supreme court or anything like that.

“At the same time, working for 30 years doing as many movies as I’ve done, it’s not as many as other people, but that’s a long career. That’s a really long career.”

Tarantino, who lives in Israel with his wife Daniella Pick, 37, and their one-year-old son, Leo, said he’d given it “everything I have, every single solitary thing I have”.

He cited Dirty Harry director Don Siegel as an example of a filmmaker who he felt has worked too long.

Quentin Tarantino says his 10th film will be his last  (Getty Images)
Quentin Tarantino says his 10th film will be his last (Getty Images)

“If he had quit his career in 1979, when he did Escape from Alcatraz, what a final film!” Tarantino said. “What a mic drop. But he dribbles away with two more other ones, he doesn’t mean it.”

In the same interview, he said he had considered remaking his 1992 crime thriller Reservoir Dogs but: “I won’t do it, internet. But I considered it.”

In 2019, Tarantino suggested he would “love” to do a horror film if he came up with the right idea.

“If I come up with a terrific horror film story, I will do that as my tenth movie. I love horror movies. I would love to do a horror film,” he said during the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood promotional tour.

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