Quentin Tarantino Scraps ‘The Movie Critic’ as His Final Film

Quentin Tarantino is apparently having a change of heart on what his tenth and final film will be about, and has scrapped plans to shoot off of his script “The Movie Critic,” according to reports.

The project would have starred Brad Pitt, who appeared in Tarantino’s past films “Inglorious Basterds” and “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood.” Tarantino had said in a Cannes interview to Deadline that the film’s main inspiration was from a job he had as a teen loading porn magazines into a vending machine. Reading the magazines, he discovered that one of the publications had a movie critic that wrote reviews on a regular basis.

Sony Pictures, which had produced “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood,” was set to produce “The Movie Critic.” But Tarantino will now consider other ideas for his next film project.

One thing he hasn’t changed his mind on is his decision to make movie No. 10 his last, something he has committed to for many years. Tarantino, who won the Palme D’Or for “Pulp Fiction” in 1994 and has won two Oscars for Best Original Screenplay, has said he will pursue other creative endeavors after he leaves the director’s chair for good.

The cancellation of “The Movie Critic” was first reported by Deadline.

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