'Question Time' viewers love Succession's Brian Cox 'unleashing his inner Logan Roy' about Liz Truss

Question Time viewers say Brian Cox 'went full Logan Roy'. (BBC)
Question Time viewers say Brian Cox 'went full Logan Roy'. (BBC)

Succession's Brian Cox has delighted Question Time viewers by "going full Logan Roy" in a rant about new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

The actor is known for his TV role as the terrifying media mogul Logan Roy in drama Succession, where he unleashes a series of sweary tirades at his family and staff.

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However, when he made his most recent appearance on BBC One's political debate show Question Time on Thursday, a suggestion that Truss should be allowed to make mistakes - despite her mini budget causing chaos in the financial markets - prompted a Logan-style outburst from a furious Cox.

Earlier in the programme, Cox had already given his views on Truss, saying: “I just do not think she is the right person for the job. And I also don’t trust her… so, I ain’t a fan.”

But when the audience member said that Truss should be allowed to make mistakes and panellist Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones agreed, Cox's anger was ignited.

He banged the desk as he said: "We’re not at a time where we can afford these kinds of mistakes. They're being made time and time and time again, and it's got to stop."

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Cox turned to former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi and told him: "We need some vision. This party has no vision."

Brian Cox plays the terrifying Logan Roy in Succession. (HBO/Sky)
Brian Cox plays the terrifying Logan Roy in Succession. (HBO/Sky)

Former BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker tweeted: "Brian Cox is going full Logan Roy on #bbcqt"

Many other viewers agreed with Walker, with one person writing: "Best #bbcqt for ages! Brian Cox unleashing his inner Logan Roy was the highlight!! Terrifying."

Someone else added: "Brian Cox going full Logan Roy on #bbcqt is a thing of beauty. Thought someone was going to get told to 'F*** Off!'"

Another viewer tweeted: "Brian Cox channeling Logan Roy and I'm here for it. His outrage is our outrage."

Someone else commented: "Anyone else get ridiculously excited when Brian cox got angry? It was spectacular #bbcqt #BrianCox - yes yes yes."

TORONTO, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 14: Brian Cox  attends
Brian Cox expressed his anger at Liz Truss. (Getty Images for Diageo World Class Canada And Audi)

Others felt Cox, who has appeared on Question Time before, was a brilliant addition to the panel chaired by Fiona Bruce which also included Lisa Nandy MP and Piers Morgan.

A viewer tweeted: "Can we have Brian Cox as the next PM please?"

Someone else added: "Brian Cox is full on ragin and rightly so."

Another person wrote: "Brian Cox absolutely destroys Liz Truss's failing government on live TV. The man is a national treasure."